Voltalia creates Corporate TV Channel at its facilities in 9 countries

Voltalia resorted to Amplitude Net's Digital Signage World VDS software to start its Corporate TV channel to be broadcast in its facilities in 9 different countries.

About Voltalia

Founded in 2005 in France, Voltalia is an energy producer (wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass) and international service provider, specializing in renewable energy solutions. With the purpose of "improving the global environment, promoting local development", Voltalia is present in 20 countries spread across 3 continents, and has more than 1,400 direct employees.

Voltalia´s clean energy production has been carried out from renewable sources, namely solar, wind, water and biomass, combining them with storage solutions for over 15 years. This range of different energies gives greater predictability of resources thanks to the wide variety of its sources.

About the Solution

The Corporate TV broadcast, present in offices in 9 different countries, is essentially shown on screens placed in common areas, such as the reception or pantry.

The main types of content used are:

  • Voltalia corporate videos that explore its different business areas;

  • Information about projects they are building;

  • Content related to internal communication;

  • Messages requested by other business areas of the company.

Some of the World VDS widgets used in the broadcast are:

  • Meteorological information from the broadcast locations;

  • Slideshows with images of the subjects to be communicated;

  • Presentation of Indicators.

In view of the consumer TVs that Voltalia already had, additional Windows players had to be used, connected to the TVs, to manage them. If the existing TVs were professional, this would be a type of additional cost that would not be necessary, since the Digital Signage World VDS software runs natively on the screens of all the main manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Phillips, among others.

About the Challenges

Within the difficulties that Voltalia faced in its management and that led it to look for another Corporate TV solution on the market, the following 3 essentially stand out:

  • Difficulty in managing content remotely in a more agile way from the various TVs in the company;

  • Need to provide controlled access so that several people could manage the issue associated with them;

  • Need to be able to monitor the status of the various network screens through a Dashboard;

After evaluating the existing solutions on the market, which would take them to overcome their pain, when they discovered Amplitude Net´s World VDS, they concluded that the software would not only solve all these issues that they had and that were affecting the correct functioning of the their communication channel, but would also give them many more possibilities to be able to innovate in the broadcast presented.

According to Bernardo Macedo da Voltalia (Channel and Content Manager) "The partnership has been positive, it has fulfilled our expectations and we are happy that this solution meets our needs".