Video Wall & Digital Murals Surprise your audience with vibrant messages

Surprise your audience with vibrant messages

More and more commercial establishments (restaurants, businesses, entertainment venues and fairs) are doing extensive use of digital signage panels with multi-display configurations simultaneously displaying various information on each screen/panel.

Our WorldVDS software from Digital Signage offers the power of establishing zones of content to be displayed individually on each screen, or else of use a video wall (composed of several screens) as if it were only one screen.

It should be borne in mind that the simultaneous processing of videos on multiple high-resolution screens (a video wall that behaves like a single display - video wall - ), requires a powerful processing system and computing. The World VDS has been specially designed to deliver this outstanding performance and still provide great system flexibility and interactivity. This supreme quality performance not possible in the vast majority of other existing solutions on the market because they are much more basic alternatives.

Professional displays are increasingly compact, lightweight and energy efficient This provides optimum image quality that can be viewed from any distance or angle without distortion of color or image. In this way, video wall solutions are much more powerful than projectors because the screen surface can be expanded without sacrificing image quality.

Whether for artistic reasons, to enhance the ambience of your business space, provide branding information, product or marketing data to your customers (visitors or employees) Video walls are a great way to create a positive impact on a space and draw everyone's attention to whatever information or image you wish to display.

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