ud121 e-Business

Effective and Proven Online Product Sales Solution

The modular software platform ud121 E-Business, offers one of the most sophisticated tools for integrated multi-channel communications.

Adopted by several leading companies in various sectors of activity, this framework is the ideal solution for developing customised solutions of the needs of each company.

Some of the examples of these developments are:

  • Solutions ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  • Website Construction Institutional and Corporate Portals

  • Advanced solutions for Electronic Commerce (B2C or B2B)

  • Workflow Automation corporate

  • Advanced solutions for CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • 1:1 Personalised Marketing (One-to-One) via Web, E-mail, SMS, Mobile, Mailing, Print/Catalogue and Fax

  • Contact Management multi-channel input/output

  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns with powerful tools for monitoring results

  • Systems Editorial Information Management

  • System of Points Card for Customer Loyalty discount and offer generators

  • Solutions Corporate TV and Web TV

  • Interactions in the communication processes between employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners

Market: Acceleration in the development of tailor-made solutions

The need for companies to carry out a monitoring of the best existing methodologies in an increasingly demanding market, where competition is becoming more aggressive and effective day after day, forces companies to carry out rapid changes to its information systems so that they can keep up with and overcome new challenges they are confronted with.

The ud121 e-business platform provides a extremely flexible development environment and scalable which allows the creation of complex solutions tailored to needs of each company, in much shorter times than more traditional development methodologies.

The ud121 Platform (You Dream One-to-One) consists of:

Framework: Rapid deployment environment that has achieved productivity gains of up to ten times over traditional development methodologies.

CRM Engine: Powerful CRM (Costumer Relationship Management) system in Customer Management, which allows the automation of the company´s Marketing and Communication strategies, according to its profile and activity history.

Multi-channel communication: Integrated communication of Websites, E-mail, SMS, Mobile Applications, Catalogues/ Print, Fax, Corporate TV and Digital Signage, through an Input/Output Channels Conversion and Standardisation service.

Workflow configuration: System that breaks down workflows into a set of simple tasks, so that companies´ internal processes can be automated, associated with the different

Some examples that contribute to the simplification that the ud121 E-Business platform provides are:

Creation of the Database and Management System of Information via Web in Record Times:

After gathering all the entities necessary for the project (clients, products, suppliers, orders, contacts, ...) in simple XML models, the platform can automatically carry out the creation of databases fully optimised taking into account the One-to-One relationships between content and customers.

In addition, it also carries out the creation of a global CMS (Content Management System) and extremely effective with the possibility of being later complemented with areas of information, maps or statistics, specific to the person who accesses the Content Manager.

Comprehensive Programming Environment:

The platform´s vast API (Application Programming Interface) provides a Programming framework which allows for extremely rapid development, as it covers critical aspects such as:

  • Management of dynamic customer communities

  • Personalisation of information presented at

  • Systems electronic payment

  • A variety of e-commerce components

  • Calendar with opening hours and holidays

  • Interconnection between shops counters and warehouses

  • Multi-warehouse stock management

  • Intelligent systems for content search

  • Algorithms of artificial intelligence for crossover automatic information

  • Monitoring customer actions and other stakeholders

  • Components for server monitoring

  • Systems integration with other software owners

One-to-One Marketing and Personalisation of Customer Information

Based on a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, the ud121 (You Dream One-to-One) concept allows each company communication block to be associated with a logic that can differentiate the message presented to each customer, or customer segments, based on their profiles, their purchase history and/or actions performed with the company.

These blocks of information can be easily incorporated into web pages, newsletters, SMS, mobile applications, catalogues, printed documents, faxes and television screens (with entry for a customer card), so that products, services, news or any other type of information desired by the company can be presented to each customer in a personalised manner.

For each block of information existing in the various communication channels, a rule is associated in the BackOffice (Information Manager accessed through the Web) with the logic defined by the Marketing and Product managers, which can easily be worked on visually, so that the desired changes can be made.

The logics used can range from very simple criteria such as "return the 3 most recent news items to all users" to very complex logics capable of creating communications that are highly valued by customers, in order to achieve a significant increase in the company´s ROI (Return Of Investment).

Overview Personalised Multi-Channel Communication

Multi-channel communication server NCS (Net Communication Service)

The ud121 NCS communications server integrates innovative software, functioning as an independent communications server, resident in a computer on the Internet, which allows a reduction in the cost of marketing campaigns, as well as greater efficiency in the distribution of corporate communications.

This system is composed by "drivers" modules, allowing an extension of the company´s communication channels on the Web, E-mail, SMS, Letter, FAX, and also the possibility of creating catalogues in PDF format for printing, and exportation to graphic tools for pagination.

In this way it becomes possible, for example:

  • Mass Send in a totally personalized way, E-mails, SMS and Faxes, with the data imported from the central systems

  • Complement the current documents sent to Customers (invoices, notifications, receipts, ...), with personalised sales information

  • Flexible creation of promotions and reactive/interactive campaigns by SMS, Mobile, E-mail or Web.

Enterprise Workflow Automation

The ud121 platform also contains a workflow system that allows replicating and automating sequentially the physical procedures of the companies´ tasks.

Regardless of its complexity, any process can be broken down into simple tasks, so that a "state machine" can be elaborated. In this way, all procedures, including various manual tasks, can be structured and computerised, allowing total control of company operations.

An example associated with the decomposition of information flows is the management of the flows necessary to receive an order. From the moment it is received by the company (through the internet or other physical points of sale) until the moment it is fully delivered, a variety of situations may occur depending on the state of the order.

Throughout these states, for example, e-mails or SMS can be sent, communications can be made with entities that manage payments, printouts on transport waybills or documents to be placed in orders, alerts can be made on stock rupture, or on problems with credit card payments, among many other options.

Many other communication scenarios can be modelled in order to create state machines, capable of simulating workflows, from the most diverse business scenarios. these scenarios can focus on the most varied entities (suppliers, agents, commercials, etc.) and the most varied subjects (contacts, contests, questionnaires, stock-outs, editorial management, synchronisation between proprietary systems, etc.).

Technology base

The ud121 platform is capable of integration with other proprietary software and is based on a LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP), used today in numerous success cases, allowing the implementation of optimised and fast performance systems, without the need for any kind of costs licence.

The platform´s API (Application Programming Interface) could easily be used by other IT companies, since it is a native extension to the PHP API. Like PHP, being its core developed in pure C, it is maximising system performance It is the fastest and most efficient of all existing programming languages.


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