The Navigator Company and its new Corporate TV Channel

A The Navigator Company formulated its Corporate TV channel with Digital Signage software World VDS from Amplitude Net.

The project included a Pilot phase, which allowed the company to better understand its needs in terms of the content to be presented on each screen associated with the Corporate TV project, having subsequently implemented its installation in just two weeks.

About Navigator... the numbers speak for themselves

With more than 60 years of activity, The Navigator Company is an integrated producer of forestry, pulp and paper, tissue, and energy. It is known worldwide for its production of fine printing paper, Navigator is currently one of Portugal´s largest companies, with truly impressive figures and an enviable international profile.

Its volume of business is around of 1% of Portuguese GDP, being the 3rd largest exporting company in Portugal that represents about 6% of the total containerised cargo exported by Portuguese ports. Its exports have as destination about 130 countries in the five continents, thus representing the largest international reach among Portuguese companies.

Navigator is also outstanding for its production of energy from biomass, with more than 50% of the total energy produced in Portugal being generated by the Company, corresponding to 5% of total electricity generation in Portugal.

As the leading European manufacturer of UWF printing and writing paper and the 6th largest in the world, Navigator´s business model is based on research and technological innovation.

Operation of the new Navigator Corporate TV channel

For the Corporate TV project materialization designed for the company, dozens of screens were installed in its 5 operation centres in Portugal, bringing to life its new TV channel, with corporate content essentially focused to its employees.

The 5 locations where the company presents its Corporate TV channel are Lisbon, Setúbal, Figueira da Foz, Aveiro and Vila Velha de Ródão.

Navigator´s team is made up of more than 3 thousand direct employees, with the support of thousands of partners, in the dialogue they maintain with the communities in which they are located, reinforcing the company's entire greatness.

The broadcast of the Corporate Television channel is differentiated by the location where the TVs are placed. It essentially consists of the following 3 main items:

  • News: where the company's Internal News is presented;
  • Production: Reports composed with the presentation of several key monthly production indicators for Pulp, Paper, Tissue and Energy;
  • With us: Broadcast focused on the disclosure of the entry and exit of new employees, as well as the changes in positions that have occurred in the company.

In the breaks between each item on the Corporate TV channel, other complementary information is presented, among which the following stand out:

  • Occupancy of the rooms in each location;
  • Lunch and dinner menu for the day;
  • Covers of the day’s major newspapers;
  • Weather forecast for the location.

The Corporate TV channel also has the particularity of being broadcasted vertically and horizontally, according to the screens arrangements on which it is playing..

For the Corporate TV channel builded, Amplitude Net developed specific templates on World VDS Digital Signage software, whose key information arrives directly from Navigator’s central information systems. In this way, it is possible to create great channel's broadcasting automations, minimising the human effort required to manage the Corporate TV channel. This automation gains even more relevance, since, as mentioned before, there are 2 distinct broadcast formats, namely vertical and horizontal according to the screen arrangements, which would lead to the duplication of human work if the channel automation had not been carried out.

Navigator´s business is also characterised by a strong commitment to forestry and sustainability, and in Portugal it has the largest private forestry holdings, covering approximately 112 thousand hectares, certified under the strictest international control systems. This land is divided into approximately 1,400 Management Units in 173 municipalities.

Its commitment to sustainable forest management is further reinforced at Viveiros Aliança S.A., currently the largest forestry nurseries in Europe, with annual production capacity of 12 million certified plants of various species, with the aim of ensuring the renewal of Portugal´s forests. In addition, the Group´s commitment to sustainable forest management is also characterized by the strong investment made in Research and Technology through its Forestry Research Institute.

Navigator´s approach to social responsibility goes even further, leading it to invest approximately 3.4 million euros each year in actions to Defend Forests against Fires, a large part of which is allocated to fire prevention.

Final vision of the new Corporate TV channel

Through the new Corporate TV channel technologically supported by the World VDS Digital Signage software from Amplitude Net, Navigator will achieve an even more significant approach with its employees,reinforcing its greatness, mission, and the Company’s values.

The categories defined for the broadcasting of its Corporate TV channel reflect this vision where, in addition to the Company’s news and its most relevant production indicators, there is a key focus on involvement with the team through the "With Us" category, which is complemented with a series of very relevant information for the employees’ day-to-day lives. Examples of this are: the presentation of menus, current weather in each of the locations where the Corporate TV broadcast is taking place, or the covers of current newspapers. This information, along with other information that is broadcasted on the Corporate TV channel, makes a valuable contribution to the day-to-day well-being of each of your employees, in a very subtle but elegant and effective way.

Amplitude Net’s World VDS Digital Signage software has once again shown its great flexibility and ease building for a new Corporate TV Channel regardless of its complexity. In addition, the know-how of the Amplitude Net team in the Corporate TV area, supported by the other departments involved, enabled the most effective construction of Navigator’s new channel, with a must superior result than a Digital Signage software alone has to offer..

Testimonial about the Corporate TV Project

"Amplitude Net was our choice for the renewal of The Navigator Company's Corporate TV and we couldn't be more satisfied. It's essential to have trust in the suppliers we work with, and in the case of Amplitude Net, we know we can count on a fast response to all requests, and on a creative and technical approach of great quality. Today, with the job we develop together, we communicate, through this channel, in a closer and more effective way with our more than 3000 employees"

João Muge - Talent Management and Organisational Development Department