EDP Corporate TV Channel: an ongoing success

EDP (Energias de Portugal S.A.) is the largest Portuguese industrial group and is among the largest European companies in the energy sector emissions in terms of electricity and gas, and is the 4th world producer of wind energy through EDP Renovveis.

Its activity is carried out in different continents and countries, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Brazil and the United States, among others, making EDP a truly global company.

About EDPs Corporate TV and Digital Signage Project

The EDP Group´s corporate TV channel, called edpON, became the largest Corporate TV in Portugal (and one of the largest at world level), presenting differentiated broadcasts with the events and themes that mark the company´s current affairs, on hundreds of screens spread across the group´s facilities in 13 countries.

Since its creation, the Corporate TV channel has often been considered the best Corporate TV channel in Portugal by the APCE (Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication) and the M&P Communication Awards (Meios&Publicidade), having also been awarded in several international competitionssuch as the Aberje Award in the Audiovisual Media category awarded by the Brazilian Business Communication Association and FEIEA (European Federation of Business Communication).

The Corporate TV and Digital Signage Channel is based on the World VDS software of Amplitude Netwith various broadcasts at different times according to the location and country where the channel is broadcast.

Through a web platform for video translations developed by Amplitude Net, EDP can manage the subtitles of its original videos made with its translators. This functionality greatly simplifies EDP´s management work, as with the Digital Signage software World VDS, EDP only uploads a single video for all countries, which is automatically subtitled in the language of the country where it is broadcast. So EDP does not need to produce different videos for each country because of the different subtitles.

The Corporate TV project has a fully dedicated team from EDP, and there are weekly meetings with a Amplitude Net consultant in which new ideas are presented for the evolution of the channel.

The edpON Corporate TV Channel was initially displayed on several hundred screens in the rooms of the group´s buildings, but With the passage of time it also began to be presented in:

  • Digital Murals: with the presentation of specific internal information in several video walls;
  • Shops: with the extension of the group´s Corporate TV channel to the public, integrating the broadcast presented with information from its central systems, such as the queues;
  • Web TV: Internal web TV portal for the Group´s approximately 12 thousand employees, with online interaction possibilities in the live broadcasts of the various existing channels, as well as access to the entire repository of the Group´s past broadcasts;
  • Elevators: with the design of a Corporate TV solution for the existing lifts in the group´s buildings.

Amplitude Net is responsible for all management and monitoring of the smooth operation of the emissionas well as the equipment associated with it, namely with TVs, players running the World VDS Digital Signage/Corporate TV software, the existence of internet at the sites and the monitoring and support in live broadcasts that are carried out by the Group, such as in the presentation of the Group´s results and the various regular reference events on EDP´s business agenda.

In 2012 the TV channel was extended with a new edpON radio project, supported by a solution available Onlinewhere it became possible to access the entire history of the various radio items that are presented daily.

EDP´s editorial positioning - current affairs, globality and personalisation - was thus shared by the Group´s various corporate media, including television (via the edpON Corporate TV Channel), intranet, radio and magazine.

In 2014, following a renewal of the Corporate TV Channel´s image, it began to present a new broadcasting grid of which the following main headings are highlighted:

  • Rewind: Space that aims to go back in time and tell pieces of EDP history. Using old videos, photos and documents, information is processed to be told a story, we listen to the protagonists of the story, who are sometimes taken to the very site of the action to tell their story in the original environment.
  • HobbyA weekly programme focusing on what employees do in their spare time, for example, to find out if hobbies are the same all over the world or if there are some cultural particularities. A program that was idealized for out of doors, because there is life beyond work.
  • Connect: Since EDP has more and more cross-cutting teams in its projects, this weekly item shows the faces of the various projects, providing information on the team members who devised and implement them and the day-to-day challenges they experience in search of solutions. This is thus the Corporate TV channel program with the greatest team spirit presenting who does what and sharing the successes achieved.
  • Interview: Weekly programme with figures from the EDP world and special guests. Large and small interviews are carried out, with the focus on the interviewee, where all topics are debated, from structuring to market trends, so there is a place for current affairs commentary and reflection on the energy sector.
  • Reportage: Weekly space dedicated to "great reports" on the EDP Universe, with topics that deserve special attention, so every week there is a different topic and a new story to discover.
  • N12: Program held on the last day of the week where it is made the balance of it. This weekly newscast reviews the week´s events and previews the following week.
  • FocusDisclosure of the covers of the daily newspapers and the news of the day, as well as the opening of the stock exchange
  • Global Stock: Daily space on the analysis of the main world stock exchanges, with daily information on the behaviour of the markets and the closing of the exchanges.

In this graphic renewal, at the Web level, the sites associated with TV and radio broadcasts and access to their respective archives became responsive so that the graphics are adapted to all devices by which they are accessed, namely Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

Since the completion of this renewal, the broadcasting of the Corporate TV Channel in its essence has been maintained.

Other projects complementary to corporate TV

Complementing the Corporate TV Project, Amplitude Net also developed the two Web solutions presented below, which indirectly improve the efficiency of the channel itself, since they facilitate all internal communication flows:

  • Photographic ArchiveInternal social network for EDP employees and photographers with whom they work, where all the group´s photos are managed in personal albums that can be shared, allowing a major increase in the effectiveness of image management. The system also enables the creation of animations to be directly exported to various formats for the Web
  • Order and Project ManagementOnline system that allows the management of all requests and actions to be carried out by employees in various companies and areas of the group, thus ensuring increased productivity and control of tasks performed. The system was designed to eliminate the use of e-mail requests and create a fully organized workflow in line with EDP´s reality. The system also allows the creation of global maps for managers and directors, so that they have an overall or detailed view of all types of activities in progress, as well as the management of the group´s purchase orders.

Testimonial by EDPs Brand and Communication Department about the Corporate TV Channel

"In developing our Corporate TV project with Amplitude Net, we naturally expected professionalism, competence, knowledge and proactivity in problem solutions. The times and the work showed us a committed and imaginative partner, who uses their knowledge and experience to add value to what, more than a project, is a common adventure."

EDP - Energias de Portugal - Brand and Communication Department