Innovate on screens to impress customers to leverage sales and brand image

Maximize sales opportunities with digital signage

Having attractive communication at points of sale is a factor of great influence in the purchase decision of consumers. Digital Signage is the ideal way to effectively engage your customers.

The experience of screens with dynamic content allows you to the customer has an experience of connecting with the store even before entering the physical store, in order to attract the consumer, and subsequently stimulate him in the purchase of the store's articles.

Digital Signage is also a perfect communication medium to instantly promote desired promotions at the same time they result in a reduction of costs associated with logistics and poster printing.

Digital Signage in Stores

The benefits of our WorldVDS in-store Digital Signage software:

  • Attracting the public to promotions, latest opportunities and existing store products

  • Exhibition continues even after the closure of the establishment

  • Decreased feeling of time in the queue

  • Disclosure of other products and services at payment locations

  • Ability to enter interactivity for a greater influence on the purchase

  • Presentation of inspiring images and videos in real time that captivate buyers

Trends in Retail

Real-Time Personalization

Digital Signage is becoming increasingly personalized, with the ability to adjust content based on real-time information such as the customer's location in the store, purchase history, preferences and even the weather situation. This personalization increases the relevance of content and offers a more engaging experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

AI is playing a crucial role in Digital Signage for retail. AI systems can analyze customer data, in-store traffic patterns, and visual feedback to optimize the content displayed. Additionally, AI enables automation in creating dynamic content, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Interactivit

Interactive displays are becoming more common in retail. Customers can interact directly with the screens to get detailed product information, compare options, view product reviews, and even make purchases directly from the screens. This interactivity improves the customer experience and can influence purchasing decisions.

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