Web TV

Make the channels and content of your digital screens available online

WorldVDS Web TV technology allows you to broadcast your TV channel on the Web, making content always available online and accessible from anywhere.

Some of the characteristics associated with Web TV are:

  • Possibility of live broadcasting of emissions
  • Dynamic website based on the programming of the Corporate Television channels
  • Compilation and systematisation the content of broadcasts
  • Inclusion of chat windows and online discussion forum integrated with a commenting system
  • Adaptation of the video quality to the available bandwidth, in order to enhance the viewing experience
  • Possibility of insert advertising between contents

Benefits of Web TV Projects

Some of the reasons our clients extend their digital signage kennels to Web TV are:

  • Content onlinealways accessible from anywhere
  • Interactive interface
  • Enrichment of the content with multimedia elements, comments and chat
  • Automatic creation of a searchable online archive video/photo/audio of all corporate multimedia content
  • Formation of a repository audiovisual information
  • Metrics visualisation
  • Platform adaptable to the various business models - the key word is flexibility

EDP On Case Study

[1] Web TV channels controlled from WorldVDS Manager

[2] Schedule grid automatically generated from the playlist associated with the selected channel

[3] Intelligent search system on all content published on the site

[4] Tag cloud automatically generated from existing content

[5] Statistical indices associated with the growth of the Web channel and the existing network of screens

[6] Editorial management of the site integrated into the system

[7] Simplified integration with multimedia presentations used in real-time broadcasting

[8] Chat system integrated into the website during broadcasts in real time

[9] Automatic generation of a structured navigation system for quick access to archived content

[10] Detail of contents with the possibility of voting and comments

Amplitude Net solutions go far beyond traditional Digital Signage systems

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