Other Solutions

Meeting Rooms

Motivate your customers and employees with the use of interactive screens in your meetings

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Web TV

Make the channels and content of your digital screens available online

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In addition to the World VDS Digital Signage platform, Amplitude Net has developed the modular software platform ud121 (you Dream One-to-One), result of several years of research and development, offering you one of the most sophisticated eCommerce tools, Customer Management and Personalized Marketing (One-to-One).

Composed of independent modules, its basic concept is based on market growth through the creation of new communication/sales solutions and on customer loyalty through personalization, automation, multi-channel communication and cross-selling systems.

ud121 e-Commerce

Create your successful web store through our Effective and Proven Solution in selling Products Online.

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Master Audience

Maximize your email campaigns by sending the most relevant information to the right people at the right time.

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Website Creation

Sophisticated development platform with innovative customization features compared to other existing solutions.

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ud121 e-Business

Ideal solution for the development of tailor-made applications of integrated multi-channel communications.

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ud121 Social

Build your own Social Network, focused on the people most valuable to your brand and products.

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