JP Sá Couto's new e-commerce solution aimed at its IT resellers

The new IBS (Internet Business Solutions) solution from JP Sá Couto provides its IT resellers the possibility of having B2C online shops  high quality at very low costs.

With only about 1 month in operationthis project developed by Amplitude Net and supported by its ud121 (you dream One-to-One) platform already has about a hundred shops available.

Among the various key points of the solution stand out:

  • Daily import of more than 7000 products of the JP catalogue (its features and associated multimedia information)
  • Tools for management of dealers' catalogue products in a fast way
  • Strong Graphical Customisation of the WebSite  in order to ensure a unique identity vis-à-vis the shops of other member retailers
  • Integrations with Payment Systems: Credit Card, MultiBanco and PayPal
  • Order Management
  • Automatic Product Relationship
  • Integrations with Social Networks
  • Creating User Communities
  • Creating Global or segment-oriented promotions customer-specific
  • System of Inquiries with the possibility of creating customer questionnaires
  • System of Sending Newsletters supported by Statistical Reports of your reach

With this new offer JP Sá Couto intends to further increase its position as supplier of technological material.

It should also be noted that JP Sá Couto was the Portuguese technological company with the highest turnover in 2012.

The leading computer brands in Portugal Tsunami and Magalhães are also designed and marketed by JP Sá CoutoIt is also developing a pioneering initiative of world reference for education based on Information and Communication Technologies.