Digital solution optimizes waiting times for two million customers

Porto, July 7th, 2022 – Amplitude Net – a company specialized in Digital Signage solutions – has developed a customized solution for the new Ageas Portugal Group stores, in Lisbon and Porto.

This solution will improve the experience of the approximately two million customers of the insurance giant, from the moment they enter. While waiting to be served, World VDS Digital Signage will adjust the service offer to the Customer, through an issue that meets your profile.

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Amplitude Net creates a personalized service for Ageas Portugal Group Customers

“When entering the stores, the customer is greeted by an employee who will support the check-in. In moments of waiting, the customer will receive a tablet, with information customized to his profile. The type of content presented can range from suggestions for greater insurance protection to relevant information from the Ageas Portugal Group. In this sense, the customer receives personalized information even before being served, which allows them to optimize their waiting time for the service”, explains César Areal, CEO of Amplitude Net.

The World VDS Digital Signage will also be used as the platform for the presentation of emissions inside the new buildings.

The system incorporates a Corporate TV channel, which comprises five screens per floor, four scattered throughout the spaces and one in the elevator. At the same time, the emission takes place on large LED panels, one of them in a curved shape. This solution was designed to increase interaction between employees, as well as optimize communication between teams.

In addition, the system allows integration with external systems, such as queue systems, weather, and news, among others. Interactivity is another of the watchwords since the software makes it possible to launch broadcasts because of external events that occur.

“The versatility of the World VDS Digital Signage was once again decisive in its selection by a leading company in Portugal, in an emblematic project, which will have a direct impact not only on the many employees of the Ageas Portugal Group, as well as on its almost 2 million Customers, who have at least one policy in force”, guarantees the CEO of Amplitude Net.

The new headquarters building of the Ageas Portugal Group – the Ageas Tejo building -, in Lisbon, was inaugurated in March this year, welcoming almost 1,000 employees of the Group. In turn, the opening of the Porto headquarters building is scheduled for the 2nd half of 2022. Both buildings were built to integrate the Group's sustainability concept, which involves contributing to a healthier society, promoting climate resilience and inclusion. The Lisbon headquarters has already received the Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency Award, referring to the SIL Real Estate Awards 2021, as well as the Best Development of the Year award, the most important real estate award in Portugal.

Gustavo Barreto, Chief Commercial Officer of Grupo Ageas Portugal, says that “at Grupo Ageas we put our customers at the centre of our business with the aim of providing them with a relevant and human experience through the creation of emotional connections. In this sense, we work every day to offer a personalized and quality service to each of our customers, to respond to their needs and expectations. As such, this partnership with Amplitude Net made perfect sense to us, as it will have a very positive impact on improving the customer's in-store experience.”

César Areal recalls that “Amplitude Net also presents a precious and easily accessible resource for those who work from home – World VDS Teams -, an extension of the World VDS solution for Microsoft Teams, which allows the alignment of teams, promoting the integration of employees, in a context as specific as the one we are experiencing, within the business communication solution, currently most used by companies.”

About Amplitude Net: Founded in 2003, Amplitude Net was the 1st Portuguese company to develop Digital Signage projects with proprietary software – World VDS. In addition to the software, the company provides a complete global offer of services, which allow it to respond to any Digital Signage and Corporate TV challenge, regardless of its complexity and size.

Amplitude Net solutions go far beyond traditional Digital Signage systems

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