Most Used Social Networks in the World

Facebook continues to be the largest social network of the world, but is far from having the hegemony of other times. A social network Google's Google Plus has gained more prominence, and is currently in 2nd place in the most used social networks globally, with 343 million monthly active users (500 million registered) according to a study by Global Index.

Google Plus which was initially criticised for a severe lack of activity from its users, has been on the rise and is now the second largest social network in the World, passing references such as Twitter and Youtube.

But in absolute numbers of registered users in the world's most used social networks Google Plus drops to a 4th place globally as Chinese networks Qzone and Sina Weibo report 611 million and 503 million registered users respectively in their annual reports.

Since these networks have only a regional influence (they practically only "exist" in China) they usually do not appear in the most common lists of most used social networks since they also do not provide data on the number of monthly active users, which also leads Global Index to classify them with a ranking different from the numbers presented in their reports.

It should be noted that several of the most popular social networks feature several fake profiles. On Facebook, for example, it is currently estimated that over 100 million users are fake (about 1 in 10). At the root of this are user pages such as dogs, cats, companies creating personal accounts (rather than business accounts) and by and large people impersonating others, most often popular artists.

Largest Social Networks - Global Top 10 for Registered Users according to each Network's internal reports

1st - Facebook: 1.1B
2nd - Qzone: 611M
3rd - Sina Weibo: 503M
4th - Google Plus: 500M
5th - Twitter: 500M
6th - Haboo: 268M
7th - Linkedin: 225M
8TH - VK: 190M
9th - Renren: 178M
10th - Badoo: 172M

Largest Social Networks - Global Top 10 Active Users according to Global Index

1st - Facebook: 720M
2nd - Google Plus: 342M
3rd - Twitter: 340M
4th - Qzone: 200M
5th - Sina Weibo: 190M
6th - Tencent: 185M
7th - Yoku: 185M
8 - Tudou: 170M
9º - Linkedin: 150M
10th - RenRen: 142M

The social media niche have been responsible for an increasing adherence of its users, as they are much more focused on the communities to which they are dedicated: So for example, as stated in the article "Education, School and Social Networks", in the area of education alone the social network already has more than 20 million users (among students, teachers, country and schools).

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