Most Popular Movies Social Networks

At the moment there are already several thematic social networks associated with films.

Beyond IMDb (Internet Movie Database - founded in 1990 and acquired by Amazon in 1998), which is widely the biggest social meeting place for movie fans, there are many other movie social networks worth exploring.

In this article 4 of these film social networks will be compared (Criticker, FilmCrave, Flickchart and Jaman), leaving many others behind relevant as for example:

  • FilmAffinity
  • Flixster
  • (Brazilian social network)
  • (brazilian social network)

It follows the comparison between the 4 social networks for films selected:

SOCIAL NETWORK Criticker FilmCrave Flickchart Jaman
Brief Description Social network aimed at people who share the same cinematographic tastes. After evaluating a significant number of films, the site not only begins to suggest films with an indication of their likelihood of success, but also begins to bring together members with similar tastes. A place for film lovers to discover, comment and rate films, with members being rated according to the relevance of their contribution to the network. Members can also manage lists and write plot summaries. Social network where members indicate which film they liked best out of the 2 that are presented, thus allowing the social network to start profiling members based on these comparisons. Jaman is a place geared towards searching and viewing films, allowing members to share their lists with their friends.
Distinctive Features - TCI (Trend Compatibility Index), which helps get the opinions of people with similar tastes - Create multiple movie lists - Create personal film lists - Punctuals and Commenting on films to increase Popularity with other members - Watching movie trailers - Shopping cart - Film comparisons - Create a list of your favourite films - Debating and rating films - Search movies by popularity, genre, region, rating, release date, or mood - Share movie lists - Streaming movies
No. of Employees ? 3 2 ?

Foundation Date


2005 2007 2007 ?



















Text chat


Private Messages


Sending Photos


News Feed


Creating Groups








Mobile Compatibility


Demographic information on the social networks of films*


<18: 25%
18-24: 18%
35-34: 18%
35-44: 17%
45-54: 12%
55-64: 7%
65+: 3%

Male: 60%
Female: 40%

No Higher Education: 50%
Higher Education: 38%
Post-Graduation: 12%
With children: 55%
No kids: 45%

* Sources: Alexa SiteInfo, Quantcast SiteInfo




The social media niche because they are much more focused on the communities to which they are dedicated, they end up offering many more features than the most popular social networks (for not having a main focus).

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