Website Creation

Find out why several leading companies in various industries adopt by Amplitude Net for the construction of their Websites and E-Commerce Sites

What is the technological basis for the construction of the sites?

The websites developed by Amplitude Net, are based on its sophisticated customisation platform ud121 (you dream One-to-One), which allow a great simplification in the creation and development of institutional sites, portals, intranets tailored to the needs of each company. A ud121 platform is based on an architecture LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP), used today in numerous success cases, which allows the implementation of a fast, efficient, robust system and without the need for any licensing costs.

Does the Platform support E-Commerce?

At the e-commerce level this solution has several differentiating components, with several modules that ensure a high ROI (Return on Investment) and excellent customer loyalty. Such features can be found in the ud121 e-commerce product.

For what type of websites is the ud121 platform suitable?

In addition to e-commerce sites this platform is effective for the creation of WebSites of various types and sizes, such as:

  • Institutional WebSites or Portals

  • Corporate Intranets or Extranets

  • Web TV sites supplemented with access to video files

  • Reservation WebSites or Online Stores

  • Real estate oriented solutions

  • Community portals centralized in iteration of the members

  • Proprietary Social Networks (for more information see ud121 Social product)

  • Custom-architected ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) (for more information see the ud121 e-Business product)

Which companies have websites built on this platform?

Large Enterprises as well as SMEs and Institutions have adopted for this solution for the creation of your WebSite.

Some examples of customers are:

  • EDP (Energias de Portugal S.A.) - Portugal´s largest industrial group and one of Europe´s largest energy companies

  • Roland - World leader in the production and distribution of electronic musical instruments

  • PIE Group - Leader in catering solutions through its WinREST Software

  • Goody - Leader in video game and consumer technology magazines

  • Editorial Presença - One of the leading book publishers in Portugal

  • Bulhosa Livreiros & Livraria Leitura Bookstore - National reference bookstores belonging to Civilização Group

  • Ecofilms - Largest distributor and representative of video games in Portugal

  • Porto City Hall (Web TV Portal of the Autarchy) Detailed information about the WebSites can be obtained in the Clients & Projects section.

What are the differentiating features compared to other solutions on the market?

This powerful and flexible platform, has as a great competitive advantage compared to other solutions on the market, the ability to provide companies to easily carry out differentiated communications with each of its users / customers, giving rise to as many different sites as there are users of the same site.

On each click, the system has the possibility to automatically readjust its contents to each user, according to:

  • Yours site behavior (contents, categories of contents you have viewed, ...);

  • Yours profile data (location, age, sex, ...);

  • Yours preferences (favorite content types indicated, if you want to receive newsletter, ...);

  • Yours activity history (days since last login, value or number of purchases made, whether you have already bought a certain product of a certain genre, ...).

Through the powerful CRM system platform the logic associated to the contents (products, news, campaigns, ...) to be presented in each zone of the website, can be easily refined through BackOffice, in order to make personalisation increasingly effective and valuable maximising the advantages of the One-to-One Marketing.

What are the processes involved in creating a Website?

The processes involved in creating a website can vary greatly according to the nature and complexity of the project.

In a simplified way the essential steps involved are:

  • Meeting to survey the needs and objectives of the project

  • Development of the Information Architecture of the Site

  • Web Design Presentation for the key pages of the site

  • Integrations with proprietary systems (if needed)

  • Website programming and development

  • Usability tests with real users

  • Training for site managers to have total autonomy in editing the existing information

During the development of the Website project will always be taken into account

  • The significant increase of the brand´s presence on the Internet

  • The optimization of the navigation process (and eventual sale) online

  • Customer loyalty to the site

How is the WebDesign of the Site developed?

Design of websites is performed tailored to the needs of the Companies It is subject to constant evaluation in order to guarantee an excellent result and in accordance with the defined expectations.

In order for the site to have a intuitive user navigation the graphical component takes into account the latest universal navigation rules (and usability standards) on the Web, resulting from several years of research on how users navigate the Web (either consciously or unconsciously).

All design is subject to testing and evaluation with ordinary users in order to detect possible misinterpretations and errors that prevent poor access/collection of information.

If you want to eliminate design costs, you can choose to acquire graphic templates (among several hundred examples) associated with your business model, from which Amplitude Net will make the necessary adjustments, to ensure that all features of the site are present in the most intuitive way possible.

Are mechanisms made to improve the positioning of the site in search engines?

The developments of the sites are carried out through use of SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) that allow for a effective increase in the ranking of the site in search engines with a special focus on Google, which as a rule is responsible for more than 60% of accesses to WebSites.

Complementarily is made a training to site managers, which are transmitted the best practices to be performed in the texts to be placed on the site in order to enhance the reputation of the same in search engines.

How does the WebSite behave in different browsers or operating systems?

The construction and development of the sites is carried out following the W3C standard standards so that they can be accessed by any person or technology, regardless of the hardware and software used as an example:

  • Device: PC, Mobile phone, PDA, iPhone, iPad

  • Browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome

  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (Apple)

Examples of modules available for creating WebSites

Navigation Modules

  • Intelligent presentation of results to freely conducted searches Intelligent display of results for searches freely carried out using the indexing search engine with grammatical and orthographic processing capability.Intelligent display of results for searches freely carried out using the indexing search engine with grammatical and orthographic processing capability.

  • Fully flexible editorial module for the presentation of information about the company, products, services and news with the possibility of being associated with multimedia content (images, videos, flash animations, PDF, ...) and to be automatically associated with other site contents.

  • Creating promotional campaign zones with selected contents, allowing an easy access to the timing of all information to be submitted.

  • Ability for members to create galleries of videos and images with descriptive texts to be made available to all members of the site.

  • Flexible management of navigation menus This allows you to easily hierarchize the desired information in categories and sub-categories.

  • Automatic display of content filters in list with many results displayed so that they can be easily segmented and the number of clicks to access the desired information can be reduced.

Modules for cross-referencing information between content and Marketing Automation

  • Use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms automatically adapting the communication with customers, allowing the sending of exclusive messages at the most opportune moments.

  • Message processing independently by each customer This is done by changing the texts, images, according to business logic idealized by the marketing, based on the profile and history of the client´s relationship with the companies.

  • Possibility of customers to define their desired and favorite content providing the company with transparent insight into their tastes and buying interests.

  • Direct access to the last consulted contents with the automatic suggestion of other contents that best relate to them, encouraging impulse purchases.

Modules for interaction between members

  • Polls and Comments to contents published in order to automatically give more prominence to the highest scoring ones, as well as to increase the reputation of the customer who publishes more useful comments for the community.

  • Creating lists of recommendations so that they are automatically advised to other customers with similar tastes allowing an effective cross between customers in order to potentiate the generation of communities within the site.

  • Possibility of members create and moderate discussion groups They can associate them with relevant site content and manage their participants.

  • Message Center which allows a private interaction of message exchanges between site members, leading to more frequent visits and an increase in their loyalty.


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