Our diversity of services complements our products, in order to offer a global solution in the realization of our clients' projects

Project Management:

  • Elaboration of Pilot Projects in order to assess the potential of the channel digital TV

  • Follow-up with permanent re-evaluation and readjustment of requirements

  • Coordination of teams where several separate entities are involved

  • Methodologies for organisation and optimisation of response times in management


  • Strategy design of Digital TV and WebTV projects 

  • Software training directed to the managers of the Digital TV channels

Installation, Support and Maintenance

  • Installation and Assembly of the equipment involved on Digital TV channels

  • Preventive Maintenance with permanent monitoring of the projects

  • Support for Corrective and On-site Assistance

  • Automatic software that monitor and act in the event of various system failures

Channel Management:

  • Management of the Content to be included in the channels digital TV or WebTV

  • Content Conception and Production

  • Maximization of marketing objectives defined

  • Advertising Management in Digital Signal Networks or WebTV

Design & Image:

  • Development of communication templates for digital channels

  • Development of 3D Animations and Modeling

  • Interface Prototyping

  • Methodology of design centered on the user experience


  • Conception, design and construction of Digital TV and WebTV solutions

  • Integration with proprietary systems of queues or ERP

  • Continuous market analysis with research into new innovative solutions

Filming, Editing and Live Streaming

  • Event Coverage with specialized team

  • Editing the footage for final content production

  • Adding subtitles the productions carried out

  • Live broadcast on channels of Digital TV or WebTV


  • Solutions with dedicated servers in datacenter with permanent monitoring

  • Optimized solutions for each customer for high performance

  • System of Backups permanent of all existing information

  • Redundant solutions in order to guarantee an uninterrupted service