Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

Engage viewers with powerful messages

The ability to attract consumers' attention is becoming increasingly complex and competitive, which leads companies and advertisers to seek solutions that can attract more and more of the public in a modern and effective way.

In addition to the Digital Storefronts LED Displays are the ideal solution to captivate spectators because they are vibrant, attractive and modular. This advertising medium has been growing and is increasingly popular due to several factors.

In addition to LED monitors becoming the more affordable manufacturing costs continue to fall their image quality has improved significantly making the monitors to be used in various indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor LED screens are specially designed to withstand different weather conditions and are bright enough to be visible in full sunlight. We only need to look at iconic city centres like New York or Tokyo to realise the importance of LED screens, and how impactful their broadcast content is. Such success has led to the adoption of these Outdoor LED screens over the last decade in hundreds of cities in every corner of the planet.

In indoor environments, such as shops, shopping centres, museums, companies and stadium interiors, indoor LED screens are also gaining more and more notoriety, making it possible to schedule dynamic content and instantly change videos, images or messages on LED screens, which can hardly go unnoticed, even when viewed from long distances.

With this digital evolution, in addition to saving on printing posters and vinyls, the entire flow associated with their distribution in the networks of the locations involved is minimised.

The use of the Digital Signage World VDS and Amplitude Net, gives you the ability to take overall control from content creation to delivery, by defining the timing of each content to be displayed on the screens. This gives total flexibility to deal with seasonal promotions, special events or current trends throughout the year, so that in real time, each LED Indoor and Outdoor display can respond quickly to the needs of each location or group of locations.

This technological advance will allow your promotional communication to easily stand out from the current crowd and your competitors, generating a great boost in the commercial and marketing dynamics of your company.

Our WorldVDS software of Digital Signage in LED screens, allows the most varied animations to be created, in order to present content with movement, which can hardly go unnoticed, even when viewed from long distances.

Digital Signage with Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

Some of the reasons why our customers choose our WorldVDS Digital Signage software

  • High capacity to attract the public, whether they are outdoorseither indoors or outdoors through dynamic, colourful and lively messages during any period of the day

  • The outdoor LED panels are specially designed to withstand different weather conditions and are bright enough to be visible in full sunlight

  • They allow a remote management and control of the system (hours of switching on/off and retrieving valuable status information from any display) with ease and agility

  • Reduced cost of printing and distribution for placing new posters and promotional leaflets that are not very effective in attracting spectators

  • Issue segmentation according to the needs and locations of each LED display on the network

  • Statistical information on the content displayed on any LED screen and/or local


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