Influence your customers with dynamic images that translate the quality of your product

The use of Digital Signage is an essential option in restaurant networks because it achieves a significant increase in consumer attraction.

Digital Signage allows the providing energy and dynamism to posters displaying menus, making them more vibrant and impactful and are therefore able to stimulate greater customer consumption.

Through a platform that is simple to run and easily upgradable, digital displays providing images or video can be handled individually or in groups of terminals depending on their location captivating the customers' attention and influencing them in their choices.

This new engaging and dynamic customer experience with the brand will be a determining factor in customer loyalty.

Digital Signage in Restaurants

Benefits of our WorldVDS Digital Signage in Restaurants software:

  • Increased attraction of the target audience with the presentation of dynamic images

  • Ease of changing and updating prices and menu remotely

  • Presentation of real-time promotions

  • Print cost reduction and logistics for changing posters

  • Decreased feeling of waiting and customer distraction

  • Power to influence customer decisions due to a greater stimulation of the visual field referring to the senses and sensations

  • Capacity of interaction of customers via multimedia kiosks for the completion of their order


Case Studies and News

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