Real Estate

Enable a more attractive property search through interactive digital signage

Real estate is known as the very dynamic sector in terms of supply and visitors so that Digital Signage becomes an important platform for employees to stay engaged, and customers attracted and updated with the opportunities that are displayed to you on the screens.

Through an easy to operate platform, digital screens ensure that various information is transmitted at strategic moments to encourage customer confidence in their choices while ensuring better engagement with your employees.

Digital Signage installed in a real estate company can start selling your properties before your clients even sit down with a commercial of real estate.

The digital signage tools have a cloud-based content management system which allows information to be updated remotely using any PC with internet access. This feature will be appreciated by salespeople as they are often out of the office.

  • Intelligent and dynamic promotion of real estate and values

  • Improving how to influence and engage buyers

  • Announcement of offers and promotions in real time

  • Decreased feeling of waiting experienced by the customer

  • Reduction of the use of outdated means such as posters

  • Displaying mortgage rates past, current and projected

  • Display of QR codes for potential buyers to get more information about a particular property

  • Possibility of display of content at internal or external points