Digital signage serves more than just external marketing purposes

From internal communication to dynamic advertising campaigns, it's the perfect way to get your message out in a big way. So, don't miss out: incorporate digital signage into your marketing mix today.

No longer are kiosks and billboard displays the only trend in digital signage. Employee engagement is becoming more and more prominent, but unfortunately it isn't being given the spotlight it deserves. So here I am, ready to shed some light on why deploying an internal DS system could be a great idea. There are tons of reasons why companies should go for this route – here's three to get your wheels turning:

Staying Educated: A Constant Pursuit

It doesn't add up to invest time and energy into crafting a complex deck or rigorous program just to familiarize the staff with some upcoming launches or alterations in protocol. For smaller-scale memos, management's go-to has typically been emailing it out or even printing out flyers to pin up in the office(s). But what if you got employees who're rarely ever seated at a computer; say, those in retail, janitorial roles, customer service - how do they catch wind of it?

An effective signage system will enable the administrator to send tailored messages to different departments - way more efficient than a long email blast. For example, customer service reps could have a different sign-in procedure than sales. Their message pops up repeatedly on their screens in the form of visuals that make it easier to remember and stick with. Talk about clever and convenient - totally worth giving it a shot.

Cultural Transformation: Let's Elevate the Experience

Any business looking to hold on to their staff or even reduce turnover should be giving their culture the attention it deserves. Digital signage systems can inject some fun into your office, providing a great way to congratulate successes and milestones, not to mention share pictures and videos - oh, and let's not forget those all-important trivia contests with available prizes. When you land a huge customer win? You just have to share that instantly - get everyone jumping for joy. And don't forget the feel-good factor when your company donates its time or resources in support of the local community - spread that news around immediately with DS. There are just so many possibilities for improving morale through such a straightforward system.

Communication's Key

With the right words, it's possible to unlock all kinds of paths. Whether you're talking to yourself or another person, improving communication is always a good idea. After all, how else can we get our thoughts across? Through clear conversations and understanding expression; this allows for more meaningful connections with ourselves and others. Taking the time to really listen and process what's being said also goes a long way in fostering communication – as does using simple language that everyone can relate to. So let's all make sure we throw a few extra locks on our communication door so everyone can benefit.

Employees often gripe that they're never in the know—a common complaint among those who've worked for larger organizations. It's HR's worst nightmare, because then you've got nothing but gossip and speculation running rampant, which really can become the disease of a business. Of course, there are certain things that need to remain hush-hush. But imagine how different things would be if all internal operations were kept completely clear; it shows your staff they're all respected, and better yet it prevents rumors from even starting.

Small companies are jumping on the bandwagon and investing in internal screen use, so why not get maximum bang for their buck and give employee communication a boost with a signage system? You could really see some improvement. Now that 's savvy.

Digital Signage purpose for Internal Marketing