Development of the European Roland System Group EMEA website

Launched in December 2010, the new Roland System Group EMEA website It is translated into 7 languages (managed individually in each country) for the dissemination of the top products of audio and video range existing in the catalogue to its dealers spread throughout the across Europe.

Roland is a world-leading design brand, production and distribution of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion kits, digital recording equipment, amplifiers and audio/video processing devices.

Roland System Group EMEA is a Roland Group company dedicated to meeting the highest demands of European Audio and Video professionals in performance and system design through development and support in video and audio products from Roland.

The ud121 (you dream One-to-One) platform has been adopted to support this new Roland initiative.

In addition to the development of the Website, the Amplitude Net had already been the company selected since 2009 for the development of the following projects:

  • Group's Iberian Website - Promotional website for your products.
  • Roland Iberia e-Commerce website - E-commerce platform for selling Roland products (and its other brands: Boss, Edirol and Rodgers) to its retailers.
  • Online music competitions - Use of the ud121 platform to create Musical Contests that Roland Iberia promotes for its customers, through video participation of their performances.