What power words can you use to increase conversions on digital signage

Power words are like a cheat sheet for increasing conversion rates. When you use a few power words, you can transform lifeless words into persuasive words that prompt readers to take action. Power words are descriptive and compelling to trigger an emotional response that promotes collaboration.

For example, researchers in one study found that the words used to describe a car accident paint how eyewitnesses view the event. Authors, writers, and content marketers use these words to spice up content and compel audiences to take action.

Benefits of Using Power Words on Digital Signage

The practical and thoughtful use of power words can be beneficial to a brand, especially in helping it improve in the following areas:

Establishing a Solid and Trustworthy Brand

It’s often easy for leads to convert into loyal customers when a brand is trustworthy and has a positive reputation. A business must also establish a memorable and innovative brand name to develop a voice that speaks for itself. With increased brand awareness, unique power words in the brand’s voice can create an emotional connection with the customers. Consequently, it becomes easy for the customers to convert and become loyal.

Boosting Revenue from Sales

Every business aims to be able to cover expenses through revenue and have a good profit margin. Ongoing sales are a product of customer conversions through a business’s ability to promote collaboration with its customers. A large part of selling is a brand’s ability to connect with its customers, which it can effectively do by using power words. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate power word for a sales and marketing strategy can go a long way in growing a customer base and boosting revenue.

Building Trust Among Customers

Trust is a vital element that promotes collaboration to make a business thrive while building a genuine relationship that leads to conversions. Moreover, it’s easy for customers to become loyal to a brand when they trust it. Using power words can invoke feelings of trust, helping a business build lasting connections.
Given these benefits, you should use the following list of best-selling power words to capture your reader’s attention.

Power words for digital signage

Types of Power Words

Encouragement Power Words

A good email marketing strategy should consider the emotional dispensation of your audience. For instance, some people feel depressed, bored, or tired when reading a digital sign. They intend to read something that will make them feel better.
You can improve the mood of your target audience by using encouraging words. In most email subject lines, many copywriting executives and marketers use two encouraging words: magic and life-changing.

Here is a list of power words you can use to encourage your readers in webinars and increase conversion rates:

  • Awesome
  • Phenomenal
  • Remarkable
  • Breathtaking
  • Spectacular

Greed Power Words

Interestingly, one study established that simple stock names that are easier to pronounce result in quicker gains post-IPO. Everyone is greedy, whether they want a higher salary or quality products. The best marketers usually appeal to their target audience’s greed.
Therefore, greed power words can help convince your audience to convert. It’s all about assisting people to gain what they want. The two common greed power words used in email lists, infographics, and sales pages are new and free.

Many people associate new with better. For example, a “new model” or a “new post” is a persuasive word for attracting attention in Amazon advertisements. On the other hand, using the word ‘free’ will push people to take action. Consumers tend to ignore better value when getting something for free.

Some effective greed power words for boosting conversions include:

  • Earn more
  • Save money
  • Bargain
  • Get more

Curiosity Power Words

According to one case study, social media users on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn consume 285 pieces of content daily. One little-known trade secret is to watch your word choice when creating marketing content. Curiosity is a virtue that people want to satisfy.

Through curiosity, you start a business, learn more about an existing skill set, or expand your education.

When a person sees an intriguing headline, it inspires them to take a sneak peek. Hidden and join are two curiosity power words that e-commerce executives use in the headings of advertisements. You will also come across these words on YouTube videos. These words cause people to read a digital sign based on what you will share or reveal.

Additionally, you can use the curiosity instinct to boost conversions through power words. Here is a power words list to use in your CTAs.

  • Discover
  • Secret
  • Learn
  • Mind-blowing
  • Eye-opening
  • Exclusive
  • Life-changing

Safety Power Words

Safety words are one of the most common types of power words. One way to inspire buyers’ confidence is to make them feel safe. Consumers must trust you and your product and services.

As a result, they expect you to deliver on your promises. Building this kind of trust begins with creating a quality brand and reputation. The words you use to describe yourself and your products and services are essential in addressing safety concerns.

The most common safety power words are ‘guaranteed’ and ‘legitimate.’ If you use these words on your landing pages, you will make customers feel safe.

Other safety power phrases you should sprinkle in your digital signage template include:

  • Proven
  • Guilt-Free
  • Risk-free
  • Money-back
  • Bona fide
  • Cancel anytime

Lust Power Words

Lust is a primary human emotion. For instance, if you review men’s and women’s magazines, you’ll notice that the headlines are either indirectly or blatantly about sex.

Lust works not only for men’s and women’s magazines but also for messages on your email subject lines, the headings of your articles, testimonials, and your digital signs. Lust power words make products and services intriguing.

For example, two famous lust power words that many marketers use are ‘love’ and ‘captivating.’ If you use these words correctly, they can arouse all sorts of emotions in your target audience. These words can cause your click-through rates to improve.

Other lust power words you should consider incorporating into your content include:

  • Stimulating
  • Pleasure
  • Captivating
  • Goosebumps
  • Spellbinding

Laziness Power Words

Laziness can help you find alternative ways to achieve specific goals. For instance, if you are preparing a spreadsheet, it would be preferable to input all numbers using shortcut keys rather than manually. Similarly, it’s better to run a formula than to calculate equations.

Therefore, you will boost conversions when power words associated with laziness in SEO content breed efficiency. Laziness power words enable people to accept their laziness and explore opportunities for faster ways of accomplishing what they want.

Many content marketing experts use the power words ‘quickly’ and ‘easily’ to draw the attention of their target audience. Therefore, anyone seeking better solutions will positively respond to these power words on subheads.

Other examples of laziness power words include:

  • Shortcut
  • Turbocharge
  • Instantly
  • Guilt-Free
  • Save Time

Fear Power Words

Fear-based marketing is a powerful motivator in the form of fear of missing out or making a mistake. Power words that drive fear in customers can cause them to protect themselves by taking the action required of them. Some marketing power words you can use to drive conversions are:

  • Heartbreaking
  • Alarming
  • Hoax
  • Beware
  • Fooled
  • Devastating
  • Scary
  • Risky

Using Power Words on Digital Signage is an Effective Conversion Strategy

The use of power words in your signage content will depend on the emotion you want to evoke. For example, if your target audience is familiar with your brand, you want to create urgency and excitement. These emotions will cause them to buy immediately. However, if your consumers don’t know about you, your power words should trigger emotions such as greed and curiosity. When appropriately used, single words can help you increase conversions and sales.