In Corporate TV / Digital Signage Portugal is Top! Campaign at Prio Fuel stations during the World Cup

Amplitude Net was the company chosen by PRIO for the development of its promotional campaign that will take place during the World Cup taking place in Russia.

Under the campaign "PORTUGAL É TOP!" were involved 160 of PRIO's postswhich allow if the customer puts 30€ in fuel, he has the possibility to participate in the campaign through a slot machine, and win one of the thousands of prizes available.

In addition to the material involved of 160 tablets and anti-theft mountsthe project relied on the development of a prize management platform, which allows PRIO to define its entire pastime strategynamely:

  • Forecast of participations estimated
  • Overall quantities of premiums to be withdrawn per day or week
  • Stock management of each of the Posts selected for the Campaign

Based on the information entered into the system, the system relies on a sophisticated algorithm that adapts itself to the number of participations taking place and stocks on site, in order to make the correct disposal of premiums.

A series of statistical maps, which allow PRIO to have at all times a clear vision of what is happening at each of the locations with each of the hobby prizes.

PRIO is a company with 100% Portuguese capital and is the only Iberian petrol company with triple QSA certification (Quality, Safety and Environment), thus guaranteeing the distribution of fuels of the highest quality, complying with all legally established technical requirements.

The PRIO network is currently consists of more than 250 filling stations fuel stations from north to south of Portugal, although under the campaign only 160 were included.

This Pastime platform will enable PRIO to run future Campaigns not only in the posts but also in Events or even Online.

As the team prepares to play Uruguay in the Round of 16, more than 100,000 prizes have already been distributed.

Take advantage and fill up at PRIO!

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