Porto Business School (PBS) adopts Amplitude Net digital signage solution

Recently distinguished by the French consulting company Eduniversal as one of the best business schools in the world, a Porto Business School (PBS) is today the great national reference not only at the level of MBA as well as in post-graduate courses, in several study areas such as: Communications and Business Intelligence, Knowledge and Security Management.

A PBS have been successively training several of the managers of excellence, who currently occupy the highest management positions in the largest national companies. Last year, the finalist student, Marta Cunha, was considered internationally as the best MBA student of the year (award given by AMBA and The Independent journal, in London).

In the year it celebrates its 25th anniversary, Porto Business School inaugurated new facilities with capacity for about:

  • 1000 simultaneous students
  • 100 collaborators (administrative and teaching staff)
  • 300 seating in an event auditorium


O World VDSsolution of the Amplitude Net for Digital Synthetics was the choice of PBS for the management of the various information terminals/screens spread throughout the building.

Some examples of terminals and their existing digital synthetics features in the school are:

  • Indicators Rooms of Class: Integrated 19″ monitors for each classroom, displaying school timetables to indicate the lesson or event taking place
  • Video wall Input: 4 monitors (2 x 2) of 46″ with an automatic integration of School Timetables, RSS News Feeds and Events Calendar
  • Wayfinder interactive: 50″ touchscreen monitor, which allows a search by Room, Discipline or Event taking place, via a virtual keyboard
  • Menu Board: 50" monitor located in the restaurant area, where, in addition to the Daily Restaurant Menu, Videos and News (Integrated with RSS Feeds) are also presented