Platform ud121 selected to develop B2B portal for InfoMercado

A Amplitude Net was the company chosen by InfoMarket for the development of a B2B portal to make the whole process of connecting the InfoMarket to its customers more dynamic and at the same time create an information system with ability to grow and innovate in its offer to customers.

InfoMercado is a company specialising in the statistical processing of data, falling within the sector of activity of Market Research and Consultancy.

The project is being developed on the modular platform ud121 with the following advanced features:

  • Content filtering and options parameterisation, allowing the user to generate reports on price analysis and other analysis variables associated with the sale of products to the consumer.
  • Reports generated by the system available to the user in spreadsheet form.
  • Possibility for the user to manage search filters, manage saved reports, among others.
  • Scheduling tool for sending reports (without the need for interaction with the system).
  • Sharing/availability of files (reports, questionnaires, etc.) between InfoMercado and its customers.