ud121 e-Business platform selected to develop ERP for Cleanstation

A Amplitude Net was the company chosen by Cleanstation to ERP development to integrate Cleanstation's various departments, enabling the automation and storage of all the company's business information.

Cleanstation is currently, at national level, the leading company in the field of industrial hygiene in providing integrated and fully customised services.

The main Project components, Commercial and Operations Management, route scheduling for delivery services and technical visits, Intelligent Budgeting System (depending on the client's history), Operations Management with automatic generation of worksheets, Stock Management at the client, Statistical System, Control of Client Experiences (Pre-Contract Periods), Creation of seasonal budgets for clients, Alert Management System and Task Control among all those involved in the negotiation process.

Given the modularity of ud121 platform it was possible to transpose all the company's business rules into the platform, in order to optimise all the company's business processes.