Ecofilmes' new Platform for building Video Game websites

Development of a platform for the creation / management of Video Game Minisites, with Ecofilmes being able to perform the website construction of their video games in a simple, efficient and autonomous way. Since September 2010 and until the end of the year, the following Minisites have been launched:

Ecofilmes is the largest distributor and representative of video games in Portugal.

In addition to the development of this new initiative, Amplitude Net had already been the selected company since 2005 for the development of the following projects:

  • EcoPress: Online site with information and digital materials from the video games catalogue, with access restricted to the media (generalist and specialist). The content is presented in a personalised way for each user, group or medium.
  • 4PlayEcofilmes' video games and competitions promotion website. Since 2005 it has been one of the most emblematic sites in Portugal for video games available for PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and PC consoles.
  • Pastimes: Several online pastimes based on the insertion of participation codes included inside the video game box.
  • Official sites of several video games popular as for example Pro Evolution Soccer(the most anticipated and lucrative game in recent years), Tomb Raider, Guitar Hero, Band Hero and Call Of Duty.

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