Meeting Rooms

Motivate your customers and employees with the use of interactive screens in your meetings

Digital Signage is a very effective strategy in engaging employees of all levels and age groups because it encourages the interaction of people from your organisation to strengthen culture, stimulate ethics, increase effectiveness and promote inclusion.

Placed outside the Meeting Rooms, the screens can be a valuable tool when they display the scheduled meeting times and allow the scheduling of meetings in the room on the screen itself.

The screens also allow you to instantly publish company news, announce events, inform employees, display diverse content with playlists containing differentiated schedules and much more.

This signalling equipment can be managed remotely from a single platform.

Digital Signage in the Meeting Rooms

The advantages of this advanced WorldVDS Digital Signage software feature, encompass:

  • Displaying Application Data such as Excel and SharePoint

  • View available room times and schedule on-site meetings when the screens are placed outside

  • Presentation of interactive guides in meetings

  • Publication of company news, together with news, alerts and warnings

  • Creating layouts that enhance the brand image

  • Possibility of announce data in real time


Case Studies and News

Porto Business School (PBS) adopts Amplitude Net digital signage solution