Lactogal joined the worldVDS system of Corporate TV and Digital Signage of Amplitude Net

Lactogal, founded in 1996 is currently, the largest Portuguese agro-food company specialised in producing and marketing dairy products and their derivatives. Its universe of products has been growing, consisting of milk, yoghurts, cheeses, butter, cream, water and juices. Among its brands are Agros, Mimosa, Gresso, Adagio, Matinal, Pleno, Castelões, Castelinhos, Fresky, Vigor, Serra da Penha and Milhafre dos Açores.

Lactogal has Manufacturing Units, Logistics Platforms and Commercial Delegations, located in mainland Portugal, islands and also in Spain.

O Design of Corporate TV from Lactogalwhich includes more than a dozen screens placed in different establishments, came to optimize the communication of the Company with its employeesmaking it faster and more effective. Taking into account the type of contents, the definition of priority of passage and frequency of emission, this internal communication medium conveys the company's news, institutional contents, good practices, presentation of products, among others.

It is also possible to define the receiver of the messages because the contents to be communicated can be transmitted across the entire company; differentiated across all establishments or even differentiated by terminal.