The internal communication within Somincor at great depth!

The Importance of Corporate Information Universality

Somincor adopted Amplitude Net's digital signage solution for internal communication. It is of utmost importance that all employees, especially in such a large company, with more than 3.000 workers, have access to the same corporate information. This promotes organizational cohesion, avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring that everyone is aligned with the company's objectives and values. Furthermore, consistent communication contributes to a transparent work environment with greater commitment, facilitating decision-making and promoting operational efficiency throughout the organization.

The communication challenge that a mine brings

In the very heart of the Alentejo region (Portugal), buried underground, with a temperature that increases by 1 degree Celsius for every 167 meters of descent into the Earth, in an environment with dust, high corrosion, and high humidity, screens were installed in mine shelters, at a depth of 1,200 meters, to provide communication to the workers.

The challenge was significant - hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, a major difficulty in bringing internet access to the most distant points of the Neves Corvo Mine, with harsh environmental conditions.

Internal communication using digital signage in a mine

About Somincor in Portugal

Somincor is a Portuguese mining company headquartered in Neves-Corvo, in the municipality of Castro Verde. It is responsible for the operation of the Neves-Corvo mine, one of the largest polymetallic deposits in Europe, with a focus on the extraction of copper and zinc.

The Neves-Corvo mine has been in operation since 1988 and is one of the main economic activities in the region. The company has invested in environmental improvements, such as the construction of a new power line and the implementation of an environmental management system.

In addition to mineral extraction, Somincor also carries out processing and beneficiation activities of the extracted mineral resources. The company employs hundreds of workers and plays an important role in the socioeconomic development of the Castro Verde region.

Despite the environmental and operational challenges, Somincor has sought to adapt and invest in more sustainable technologies to minimize the impact of its activities. The company is an important player in the Portuguese mining sector and contributes significantly to the local and national economy.

The Need to Deliver Information

In an environment like a mine, where workers can be dispersed and face communication challenges, the use of screens and digital signage becomes crucial to ensure that everyone receives information efficiently and on time. The software World VDS allows the transmission of important messages in real-time, increasing safety, promoting team cohesion, and ensuring that all employees are aligned with the company's safety procedures, values, processes, operational objectives, and any other critical information in this specific work environment.

Half of Somincor's workforce is underground and does not have access to email. And they are the ones who most need to feel that the company is with them and to know news from the "outside"!

TV Corporativa nas minas

Screens have been installed in the mine, in the canteen, in the washrooms, in training centers, and corridors. The Department of Social & Corporate Responsibility remotely and simultaneously manages all screens in the facilities on a daily basis.

Every day, they have access to:

  • production indicators
  • safety procedures;
  • local content;
  • local agenda of the region;
  • internal communications;
  • campaigns;
  • adapted newsletter content;
  • news from Público;
  • news from Sapo and the 1st football league, by time and weather.

Responding to the need for alignment of security and democratization of access to information, Somincor opted for the Digital Signage solution from Amplitude Net. The result was immediate: all workers gained uniform access to information, significantly reducing the feeling of isolation

Curiosities about Somincor

History: Somincor has a rich history dating back to 1850, playing a significant role in the Portuguese mining industry.

Copper mining: The company's primary activity is the extraction of copper, with its Neves-Corvo mine being one of the largest in Europe.

Technological innovation: Somincor continuously invests in technology and innovation to improve efficiency and safety in its operations.

Employment: The company is a significant employer in the Alentejo region, providing direct and indirect jobs for many people.

Environmental commitment: Somincor is committed to environmentally responsible practices, implementing measures to mitigate environmental impacts and promote rehabilitation.

Community contribution: The company contributes to local communities through corporate social responsibility programs, supporting educational, cultural, and health projects.

Economic impact: In Castro Verde, the Somincor mine has a strong influence on the local economy, with the municipality having one of the highest average salaries in the country, exceeding 1.940€.

Regarding the World VDS solution from Amplitude Net, it has been adopted for internal communication at the Somincor mine, both underground and on the surface. This corporate TV solution aims to ensure equal access to information for all employees, promoting organizational cohesion and aligning everyone with the company's objectives and values. By adopting this internal communication solution, the mine has improved communication, reducing misunderstandings and increasing engagement and alignment with the company's values.