Interactive Solutions

Engage your audience with intuitive experiences through touchscreens

In the last decade screens with touch-sensitive technology have gained notoriety and are currently becoming essential elements for any medium in which they can be inserted.

Those screens are usually found in lobbies and commercial spaces and are used mainly for Wayfinding, Kiosks and Totems that provide informative and interactive content.

Visitors do not need to be technologically savvy to use the system because simply tap the screen to make selections, making the device very simple to use. No keyboard is required, which is aimed at saving space and complexity.

Through the use of Information Kiosks you can still get major cost reductions due to the simplification of processes by allowing intuitive access so visitors can quickly gather the information they are looking for and place orders It can be built for the harshest environments and the most demanding customer standards.

Our advanced WorldVDS system of Digital Signage gives interactive screens the possibility to get the most out of their display while they are in their passive mode (only presenting information or information campaigns) and active mode (where visitors are browsing their menus).

Digital Signage in Interactive Solutions

Benefits of interactive systems that rely on WorldVDS Digital Signage software

  • Real time content update

  • Interaction with customers, presenting on-screen incentive campaigns when no one is around which changes to a interactive mode when the customer approaches it

  • Effective informative WayFinder service to guide visitors to the desired place

  • Speeding up orders through easy menus and attractive

  • Improved customer experience by reducing waiting times and streamlining processes


Case Studies and News

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