Instore Music

Powerful solution to potentialize your company´s audio marketing and enhance your customers experience at each location. Consumer communication takes new forms with World VDS software.

What does it allow?

  • Intelligent management of background music and promotional spots to be broadcast at each location
  • Adequacy of the sound environment to the target audience of the location depending on the time and day of the week
  • More satisfied customers and employees
  • Reinforcement of space and brand identity
  • Increased buying and selling predispositions
  • Service duly licensed with the competent authorities, which helps to protect the rights of authors and artists

Compatible with:

Get the right messages across, at the right time, and guarantee conversion results!

At the consumer´s side all times

  • In-store audio marketing uses music, sounds, voice-overs and messaging to customers to shape their experiences and feelings while on location.
  • Through audio, the rhythm that guides the consumer´s visit is defined, also displaying the style that matches the company´s brand.

Intuitive Software

  • A privileged instrument to support the Marketing and Communication of Organizations. Solution integrated with Web Services that allows increasing operational efficiency and consecutively the on-site experience.
  • Solution integrated with Web Services that allows increasing operational efficiency and consecutively the experience on sites.

Musical Content

  • Over 500,000 songs that can be instantly loaded into pre-programmed playlists or segmented by styles and countries for faster building of your personalized channels.
  • No licensing worries: you will receive a certificate with the right to use the music in your space.

Who is it intended for?


The programming of informative spots combines with the rhythm and style of the defined music, which helps not only to communicate the personality of your brand, but also to impose the dynamics and flow of customers in Stores, Shopping Centers and Supermarkets, promoting the incentive to buy.

Restaurants and Cafes

The atmosphere of Restaurants and Cafes is strongly marked by their music, to the extent that the right sound profile is also considered an essential ingredient for the customers´ palate, and a determining factor for them to always want to return.

Spas, Health Clubs and Gyms

Whether to relax the mind through a massage or to increase the rhythm of physical exercise, music assumes a determining and essential therapeutic effect for those who manage these spaces.

Lobbies and Waiting areas

Music can affect people´s perception of time. A long queue will seem shorter if there is good music playing in the background, calming your customer´s nerves in the waiting rooms of doctor´s offices, clinics or hospitals.

Bars and Discos

The ease in programming music according to day and time takes on a key relevance, making it from soft Mondays to late more hectic week, these venues provide the necessary surroundings for their customers at all times.

Hotel Business

Complementing the style, design and service of hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts, music can provide special atmospheres in the various areas of the locations, also becoming an essential component in the overall customer experience.


As concluded in several studies, music in the workplace can have a great impact on the motivational level and contribute significantly to the productivity of employees.


Flexibility to create the ideal sound environment for events to be held, whether corporate or themed, product launches, private parties or fashion shows.

10 reasons to choose World VDS InStore Music

  1. 1.

    Transformation of sound into a powerful communication tool

  2. 2.

    Content to be transmitted that can be programmed to arrive at the timing designated by the company

  3. 3.

    Creating Dynamic Messages Throughout the Day

  4. 4.

    Adapting the message to the target audience

  5. 5.

    Customization of the content to the brand concept

  6. 6.

    Influence on the predisposition to purchase

  7. 7.

    Content centrally managed and locally updated

  8. 8.

    User friendly system, easy management and operation

  9. 9.

    Situations of failure in connection to the network do not affect that the spots continue to play

  10. 10.

    Licensing of over 500,000 songs included

Features Timetable


Simplifying the Management of Complex Emissions


Set the time intervals of the playlist, or of just one of its tracks, through a simple graphical management display, with the frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly) and days of the week you want.


Set the time intervals of the playlist, or of just one of its tracks, through a simple graphical management display, with the frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly) and days of the week you want.

Management by Terminal Groups

Tag system that can be assigned to sites, allowing them to quickly get segmented to make massive assignments of Playlists and Spots passing through them.

Conditional Playback

For each list that is being played on the various players, playback conditions can be created on each item, in order to create a complex schedule, but in a very simple way (For example, item "Slot A" can be set to appear only on weekends, or item "Ad B" to appear only if the Player has the Location=Lisbon).

Emergency Messages

Appearance of alarmist messages if external events such as emergencies occur.


Apresente determinados Spots baseados em eventos externos, como por exemplo em função de uma condição climatérica, sensores de movimento, de luz de toque (exemplo: notificar que uma fornada de pão acabou de sair).

Content Frequencies

Flexibility to define the repetition period of a given Spot (ex: 30 in 30 min), or the number of times it passes per day and which days should be considered.


Secondary playlists that can be added to the main playlists, in which you define the number of contents (tracks or spots) that must be presented in each call. This way, it is possible to create highly dynamic broadcasts without increasing work.

Always be in control

Excellent Compatibility

Delivery of content over HTTP/HTTPS via IPv4 or IPv6, compatible with proxies and ACNS to ensure most IT security requirements.

Alarmistic of the Contents:

Understand which contents have gone offline or will no longer be shown, in order to easily identify possible human failures in the desired programming.

Disconnect Players

Possibility to set the time at which each player should turn off.

Player Monitoring

View in a single place the global status of all devices, understanding what is happening, if there is any offline or updating information and also their "health" (namely CPU, disk and memory usage).

Player Features

Multiple Operating System

Compatible on Windows, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi Players, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS and Philips SoC monitors, allowing for a wide selection of the most cost-effective device that best meets project needs.

Plug & Play system

Automatic display of the broadcast as soon as the player is connected to the screens

Intelligent content updating

Content is delivered automatically with each player intelligently choosing only the files that are new or have changed (and not the content in its entirety)

Operation in the Absence of Internet

In the event of a network connection failure, the player will continue to play the last content it obtained, normalising the broadcast (if applicable) as soon as the connection is re-established

Automatic Recovery

In case of power loss the player will automatically turn on to restore the broadcast

Reduced Size

Given the system´s broad performance and low power consumption, it can be installed in very small and discrete players.


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