Innovative solution for EDP Group Elevators

As a complement to the Channel EDP ON, the largest channel of Corporate TV in Portugal, the Amplitude Net developed a solution for the existing Lifts in the group's buildings, which features the emission of one of the internal channels of corporate television of the EDP group.

A EDP (Energias de Portugal S.A.) is the largest Portuguese industrial group, is among the largest European companies in the energy sector (electricity and gas) and is the 4th world producer of wind energy.

Amplitude Net is already responsible for several projects developed in this Group, namely:

  • EDP ON - The EDP Channel Corporate TV of the Group It is since 2008 the largest channel of Corporate Television in Portugal (and one of the largest at world level), presenting differentiated emissions with the events and themes that mark the company's news, on hundreds of screens spread throughout the group's facilities in various countries.
  • EDP ON - Web TV: Portal Web TV internal for the Group's employees (about 13 thousand), with the possibility of online interaction in the live broadcasts of the various existing channels, as well as access to the entire repository of the Group's archive broadcasts.
  • EDP ON - Stores Extension of the corporate channel to the company's shops, integrating in the emission of zones with information coming from the central systems, for example, the queues.
  • EDP ON - Website of Video Translations Online solution that allows both the development of translations of the various films made by EDP and the management of payments to be made to each translator.

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