Create visual experiences in tune with your guests' needs

Within the hospitality area, the Digital Signage can elevate hotels' service to their guests providing them with a dynamic help that makes your trip easier and optimizes your time.

Thus, in order to demonstrate its intention to meet the needs of its customers, screens can be provided within the various areas of the hotel, such as the lobby (to create a great welcome experience), the reception, the rooms or even the meeting rooms.

The sophisticated WorldVDS Digital Signage platform has the advantage of having a huge set of features that facilitate the operation and updating of the system in real time, so that the information is transmitted accurately at all times via the various transmission points thus giving rise to a increased satisfaction and engagement not only of guests but also of employees.

Digital Signage in Hotels

In order to establish more guest-hotel interaction, the benefits of this advanced WorldVDS Digital Signage software feature include:

  • Supply of tourism directions, dinner reservations and weather information

  • Services of service and guidance without the need for manpower

  • Hotel services advertisement such as SPA and restaurants

  • Issue of alert signals or important notifications on changes

  • Profitabilization through reduction in printing costs and from partnerships made with advertising agencies

  • Guidance on events and meetings with room and time information