Engage your patients and staff with dynamic visual messages on your screens

The vast healthcare sector (which includes Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies or Veterinary Practices) is one of the vertical industries where Digital Signage is having one of the more beneficial impacts not only in the relationship with patients and visitors but also with staff.

While improving the patient experience is of paramount importance for both private and public organizations, in this dynamic healthcare sector, communication with employees is also a critical part of doing business that is increasingly difficult.

Through an easy to operate and easily upgradeable platform, digital screens ensure that accurate information is conveyed at key moments, enhancing patient confidence in their healthcare choice and the involvement/approach with its employees.

A shift to digital can thus reduce operating costs, while improving efficiency operational, quality of care and patient experience.

With average wait times up to 40 minutes, there is no better platform to reach an increasing number of visitors through high quality involvement.

Each screen can show only information intended for the area where it is installed, and can be regularly updated at all points of the building(s), and not just when there was time to put up a printed sign (which can quickly become out of date). Emergency messages based on any major event (such as alarm tests or high weather alerts) can also be easily triggered.

Digital Signage in Healthcare

Some of the reasons our customers use our WorldVDS Digital Signage software

  • Decreased feeling of waiting distracting the patient and removing anxiety

  • Patient education on infectious diseases and health risks

  • Saving menu printing time in the canteen or cafeteria

  • Information on upcoming events and emergency alerts combining live news feeds

  • Generation of new revenue offering advertising opportunities to brands or suppliers

  • Collaboration with suppliers and brands to ensure that corporate messages are also displayed to employees

  • Integration of the screens with third-party applications, such as queuing systems or scheduling

  • Creating location directories (wayfinder) in hospitals/sites that are part of a larger building or multiple buildings grouped together


Case Studies and News

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