Gymnasiums & SPA

Keeping exercisers entertained keeps them coming back.

Elevate the experience of your gym workouts through a Digital Signage software adding dynamic and entertaining information for your students and staff.

Visual communication is essential to enhance the gym experience and the digital platform is perfect resource for keeping club members informed and entertained while training.

The contents of the screens can now be easily managed individually in real time making possible a large integration with the environment and connectivity with your audience making the exercises more pleasurable and desired.

Digital Signage in Gyms & Spa´s

The benefits of using our advanced WorldVDS Digital Signage software system include:

  • Promotion of group classes and club activities as spa services

  • News display with sports and entertainment channels to involve practitioners

  • Realization of important notice concerning amendments of class schedules and health tips

  • Generation of new revenue through advertisements for products in the fitness medium

  • Ease and autonomy to operate with digital system