JAP Group and Matrizauto adopt RAVI Corporate TV

O software corporate television developed by Amplitude Net was selected by the Group JAP as the basis for the implementation of a corporate TV channel in six workshops of the Group's Renault brand. The channel is integrated with the workshop's vehicle entry and exit system, informing customers of the estimated time of delivery of the vehicles.

Another company in the group, the Matrizautoalso adopted the RAVI solution for its corporate television channel. Matrizauto TV is broadcasted in the two spaces of this company, in Porto and Braga, on three screens at each booth. The channel is integrated with the company's management system, which means that whenever Matrizauto has a new vehicle for sale, it is automatically displayed in the management system. Corporate TV.

Besides the technological solution, Amplitude Net developed for these two projects the graphical templates of the channels and ten channel separators to be used in the programming of the broadcasts.

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