Emerging Trends in Digital Signage for 2024

As per a recent Technavio report, the global digital signage market is poised for a remarkable 33% growth by 2023. This surge in the market brings forth a wave of innovative IoT technologies that promise to elevate the communication experience, intensify engagement with digital signage, and continuously optimize the return on investment for businesses.

1. Digital Out-of-Home Ads Take Center Stage

Amidst a daily barrage of 6,000 to 10,000 advertising impressions, businesses are compelled to adopt attention-grabbing signage. Digital out-of-home ads, spanning outdoor screens, shopping centers, public transport, and business buildings, have evolved beyond mere billboards. In 2023, expect these ads to embrace automation, strategically targeting specific sites to gauge campaign ROI. Additionally, the rise of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) is anticipated, offering advantages such as enhanced power efficiency and transparency, setting the stage for transparent OLED products to dominate the market.

2. Holographic Ads Reshape the Landscape

A revolution is underway with the growing prevalence of holographic ads and artificial intelligence in the digital signage realm. While holographic technology isn't new, recent viral instances, such as KitKat's holographic campaign in Japan, indicate a potential breakthrough in 2023. This captivating technology, known for projecting 3D images with interaction and movement, has the potential to create a viral effect, making it a must-have for companies aiming to boost brand awareness.

3. QR Codes Maintain Their Presence

QR codes, the quick gateways to web content via mobile phones, continue their prominence in public spaces, retail, and restaurants. The post-pandemic QR code boost ensures their sustained prevalence in 2023.

4. Digital Signage Ventures into the Metaverse

Propelled by Meta's influence, the metaverse trend gains traction, creating virtual reality worlds. As other social media brands like Fortnite invest in the metaverse, digital signage becomes a crucial component of future digital economies. The promotion of products and services within the metaverse will significantly shape digital advertising strategies.

5. Shoppable Video Ads Transform Retail

In 2023, shoppable video ads emerged as a dominant trend, offering a seamless shopping experience. Imagine spotting an appealing outfit on digital signage in a mall and, with a simple click, accessing detailed information about the product. This innovative advertising approach simplifies the purchase journey, making it more convenient for consumers to explore and buy products across various platforms.

6. Facial Recognition Screens for Enhanced Security

With growing concerns about cyber threats, facial recognition screens are poised to become a staple in digital signage systems. These screens, equipped with artificial intelligence and cameras, may provide access to restricted areas. Additionally, non-contact temperature control solutions and distance management systems may be integrated, ensuring adherence to safety protocols.

7. Touchscreen Innovation Redefines Interaction

Touchscreen technology, omnipresent in daily activities from checking smartphones to accessing healthcare records, is set to revolutionize digital signage in 2023. The integration of advanced touchscreen capabilities will transform how people interact with digital signage, spanning interactive learning experiences to streamlined purchasing processes.

8. Rise of Live Streaming on Digital Signage

Beyond static displays, live streaming gains prominence in digital signage, offering interactive and real-time engagement. Businesses can leverage platforms like YouTube and digital display solutions to enhance live streaming for commercial purposes. This trend fosters audience participation and immediate responses, enhancing overall customer engagement.

9. Sustainability Takes Center Stage

In 2023, a notable shift towards sustainability is observed in digital signage. Beyond environmental efforts, businesses embrace digital signage for its contributions to social and economic development. With its proven ability to reduce waste and water usage, digital signage emerges as a sustainable technology that drives growth and community development.

10. Stay Ahead of the Digital Signage Curve

In a landscape where consumers are reemerging, and employees are returning to hybrid offices, digital signage remains a compelling investment. While familiar trends like eye-catching in-store ads, kiosks, and video walls persist, the dynamic digital signage industry promises new breakthroughs in 2023. To stand out from the competition, continuous research into the latest trends is imperative.