Price tags, the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Solution

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What are Electronic Shelf Label tags?

Price Tags, also known as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), are small wireless smart display devices that can display specific product information and price on the shelves. It’s integrated with POS, CRM or ERP systems, to ensure reliable product pricing and information. It can also be used for displaying a patient’s name on a hospital, or an attendee’s name on tradeshow, or even the ID and stock of a product on a warehouse’s shelf. Many different applications for such a small display!

Alongside the rising trend of automation and digital stores, electronic shelf labels are more and more adopted by all kinds of retail stores, including supermarkets, specialty stores, business centres, hospitals and warehouses.

The tags management software manages the data of product information, which are sent to the base station via wireless network. Once the information is transmitted to the base station, it will then be sent to the terminal display to update the price labels based on the information inputted into the label management software. A communication network allows the price, or other information, display to be automatically updated whenever a product info is changed. This communication network is the true differentiation and what really makes the ESL solution a smart viable solution. The wireless communication must support reasonable range, speed of update, battery life, accuracy and reliability.

Electronic Shelf Labels
Electronic Shelf Labels

Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Time saving

    Prices, and other information, can be updated remotely and very quickly, without having the need to be updated product by product, which would cause many hours to be spent on this task;

  • Optimize employee hours

    By using a centralized system, information is easy to update on each ESL; these labels don’t fall as normal paper labels, nor are easy to switch place;

  • Error saving, accurate information

    By using a centralized system, information is easy to update on each ESL; these labels don’t fall as normal paper labels, nor are easy to switch place;

  • Additional info

    For retail, besides price, other information can be displayed, remnant stock, reviews of products, price per weight, size, online prices of the competition, discounts, promotions, a QR Code for consumer interaction; for a meeting room, the meeting arrangement, the current meeting, attendees, current status of the meeting room; on a hospital, the patient’s name, vital signals monitoring and other relevant information;

  • Reduce waste

    By using these small electronic displays, a lot of paper is saved;

  • Analyze footfall

    When combined with movement sensors, or cameras, ESL tags can help to understand customer traffic through the store. By understanding the footfall, sales force can be better allocated, using the best hours to sales and “spare” hours for administrative tasks. Best shelf locations can be better explored for strategic, premium and promotional product placements;

  • Better and personalized consumer experience

    With QR Codes, consumers can check prices and stock levels, have fast personalized interaction, or even order products; consumers can read product reviews and increase trust;

  • It’s not as expensive as you think

    Of course there is an initial investment, both time and money. Choosing the best solution, waiting for delivery, installation, buying all the devices… but after having the power to control prices and information remotely, with low maintenance and ease to use, that only one person is required to control all pricing changes on the shop floor;

  • Your brand doesn’t want to stay behind

    Competitors are doing it, don’t loose the race, Retail, supermakert, warehouses, meeting rooms, business centres, healthcare/hospitals, pharmacies, speciality store, bathroom facilities and so on.there is a need for speed, you can reach fast updating zero pricing errors!

  • Increase sales

    All the previous benefits cause a more pleasant and fluid consumer experience, which help to convert into sales.

Applications of ESL tags

Retail, supermakert, warehouses, meeting rooms, business centres, healthcare/hospitals, pharmacies, speciality store, bathroom facilities and so on.

Our ESL solution

Our solution is all about connecting stores and on-line, about the moment the consumers is choosing the product, during the buyer’s journey, on this omnichannel experience, where he can check the product’s information, and even interact with the electronic shelf labeling, and the brand can be trully digital, effective and creative.

How do Electronic Shelf Tags work?

The solution includes a base station that connects, through Wi-Fi or BLE, the ESL tags, and to a cloud server through Wi-Fi, where the data is retrieved from, which is integrated with a 3rd-party system, an ERP, POS or CRM.

Sizes and temperatures

Price tags, typically called that because they are labels to display the price of products. offer a long range of working temperatures, from -25° to approximatelly 40°C, with several display dimensions: 1,54” 2,13” 2,66” 2,7” 2,9” 3,7” 4,2” 5,8” 7,5” 11,6”.

The majority of ESL tags use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) type of screens, but Full Graphic E-Paper and Segmented E-Paper can also be found.

The connection between the base station and the ESL tags is usually by Wi-Fi, but BLE can also used, and between the base station and the cloud server is through internet.

3r-party integration is possible for data exchange, to fetch the latest information, prices, names, and so on. It’s very easy to use the API to connect to any ERP, CRM, POS or other management system.

Some ESL tags have NFC. They are true smart digital tags, which give an interesting opportunity to able the consumer to “touch” the electronic tags and trigger some marketing campaign. For digital tags without NFC, a QR code can be used for the same purpose.

Speed of updating ESL tags

8 tags per second with 1 base station, faster if with more base stations.

One base station can handle around 5000 tags, but for better speed, between 3000 and 4000 is suggested.


Depending on the model and size of each tag, colors may vary between: black-white, black-white-red (or yellow) and 8-color. The bigger the display size, the more colors may have.

All Features

  • Change page automatically

  • Advertising

  • Change stock automatically

  • Out of stock alert

  • Product positioning

  • Shopping navigation

  • Consumer interaction through QR Codes

  • Remote display management

  • ESL can be maintained offline

  • Low power consumption, service life ≥ 10 years

  • Customizable buttons for unlimited functional expansion

  • NFC near field communication technology for online and offline integration

  • Extremely secure and unbreakable, data security guaranteed

  • Exceptional interference immunity for complex deployment environments

  • Open range up to 25-30m (radius)

  • Wiring-free installation and deployment

  • Wi-Fi dual-band, supporting 2.4G and 5G

  • Individual positioning technology

  • Combined with smart shelves for big data collection and consumer preference analysis

  • IP67 rated dust and water resistant, impact and drop resistant

  • -25℃~40℃ working environment, designed for low temperature fresh environment

  • Customisable appearance to meet the individual needs of brands

  • Slim and light


Depending on the layout of the store, the shelf’s format and design, we can provide diferent accessory.

Know more about the World VDS ESL solution

Important parameters while choosing an ESL solution

When choosing an ESL solution, is very important to check other parameters, of course, based on the product but also based on the supplier, such as:

  • Profissionalism

  • Communication

  • Price and payment conditions

  • Delivery time

  • Product features

  • Product reliability and product return

  • Supplier’s technical ability

  • Product evolution


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), also known as Price Tags, are small wireless screens that display information and prices of products on shelves, integrated with POS, CRM, or ERP systems. With the increasing automation of retail, ESLs are being increasingly adopted by various types of stores, including supermarkets, hospitals, and warehouses. Our World VDS software allows for integrated management of Electronic Shelf Labels, enabling the alteration of product information data sent to the base station via a wireless network, automatically and quickly updating Electronic Shelf Labels whenever product information changes.