E-commerce in Portugal in 2012

10 relevant facts on the state of the e-commerce in Portugal in the year 2012:

1. The Online shopping in Portugal are overwhelmingly carried out on foreign websites.

2. The retailer website with the highest traffic in Portugal, ahead of any traditional retailer site, is Amazon.com followed by Amazon.co.uk, sites that do not even have a Portuguese version.

Note: Amazon ships free of charge from the UK to Portugal for orders over £25, has just opened operation in Spain with one-day delivery times. The range of choice is overwhelming, the prices highly competitive (Amazon's recent growth has been helped by the trajectory of the pound's share price, which has dissipated in recent months) and they offer customers both a seamless user experience and unparalleled customer service.

3. In Portugal the eCommerce growth is 8% above average of the European Union (which are 20% and 12% respectively)

Note: E-commerce is an irreversible global growth trend.

4. O eCommerce in Portugal only represents 1.2% of purchases.

Note: The Portuguese spent 678 million euros on Internet purchases in a total of 8.4 million transactions.

5. In Portugal 80% of people who find out online before buying a product from a retailer, end up making the purchase in a physical shop.

Observation: The generality of the population has available, at a relatively short distance, shops for any type of purchase, which naturally favours offline purchases. In addition, there is an almost natural tendency for people to inform themselves online before buying offline. Another interesting fact is that the opinion of other consumers is the most important factor in the purchase decision.

6. The average value of the online purchases paid by card is more than double that of purchases in person.

Note: This is justified because many of the online transactions are for travel or tourism programmes, and this is usually a high value.

7. Paypal dominates electronic payments on the Internet in Portugal.

8. In the last 2 years the number of websites in Portugal with the possibility to order online has increased by almost 150% (from 7,167 in 2010 to 17,097 in 2012).

9. 38% of the new websites are already part of the e-commerce in their business development strategies.

10. The online shopping on websites of music correspond to 8.1% of Online transactions.

Today Amplitude Net already has a wide range of online shop referencesand the construction of e-commerce websites carried out by the ud121 platform (you dream One-to-One).

Information based on reports:

* “SIBS Market Report"(1st report with real data on the national payments market) carried out in December 2012. The SIBS Group processes more than 2.4 billion transactions annually - more than 200 transactions per second.

* “Internet Barometer - Portugal 2012"a study conducted by Email Brokers (one of the world's largest companies in the electronic databases segment) aiming to show the state of the Internet in Portugal. This study marked the company's entry into Portugal and focused on the evaluation of over 400 thousand websites.

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