ud121 e-Commerce

Effective and Proven Online Product Sales Solution

Effective and Proven Solution in the sale of Online Products

The ud121 E-Commerce Platform is a complete solution for the creation of websites and e-commerce sites geared to the most varied sectors of activity.

Tailored to each project the platform has options and features that optimise the online sales process ensuring your company's success.

Through strong personalised marketing and CRM components (Customer Relationship Management), the solution has the ability to present products, news and other components of the sites in a differentiated way to each of their customers as a function of:

  • Sociodemographic profile

  • Preferences

  • History of purchases made

  • Activity carried out on the site

... originating a significant increase in impulse purchases and consequently on the average sale value.

The Platform also contains a powerful information management system It is able to centralise data from other information systems with all the multimedia component associated to products, news and other contents, such as images, videos, PDF and Flash.

Ejemplos de módulos disponibles para crear sitios web de comercio electrónico

Navigation Modules

  • Intelligent presentation of results to freely conducted searches through an indexing search engine with grammatical and orthographic processing capabilities.

  • Automatic display of product filters in list with many results displayed In this way they can be easily segmented and the number of clicks to access the desired information can be reduced.

  • Creating campaign zones promotional with selected products, allowing an easy and safe timing of all information to be submitted.

  • Flexible management of navigation menus This allows you to easily categorise the information you want into categories and sub-categories.

  • Fully flexible editorial module for the presentation of information about the company, products, services and news with the possibility of associating multimedia contents (images, videos, flash animations, PDF, ...) and of being automatically associated with other contents of the site.

  • Ability for members to create galleries of videos and images with descriptive texts to be made available to all members of the site.

Modules for cross-referencing information between products and Marketing Automation

  • Use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms automatically adapting the communication with customers, allowing the sending of exclusive messages at the most opportune moments.

  • Message processing independently by each customer This is done by altering products, texts, images, according to the business logic designed by marketing, based on the profile and history of the customer´s relationship with the companies.

  • Possibility of customers to define their desired and favourite products providing the company with a transparent insight into their tastes and buying interests.

  • Direct access to the last products consulted with the automatic suggestion of other products that relate best to them, encouraging impulse purchases, and consequently the average value of orders.

E-Commerce modules

  • Storage of customer shopping cart status If for any reason the client does not finalise the purchase during the current visit, it will be automatically recovered on the next visit to the site.

  • Functionalities for making a complete purchasing process where the combination of promotions and prices, distribution costs, taxes, packaging, wrapping paper and payments are fully integrated.

  • Use of Payment systems by Credit Card, MBnet, Multibanco, PayPal, Customer Account, Cash on Delivery or other entities, with the addition of logistics flows.

  • Possibility of acquisition of points by customers by purchases made or by entering a code contained in the physical product on the website, can be converted into gifts or offers in a catalogue on the website.

  • Offers and discounts system for selected products, shipping costs or total order with possibility to define in overall and per-user maximum usage limits It is also possible to define the groups of customers to whom the promotion should apply.

  • Privacy and data security mechanisms submitted, through the use of the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) which establishes secure connections through data encryption.

Modules for interaction between members

  • Voting and product reviews published in order to automatically give more prominence to the highest scoring ones, as well as to increase the reputation of the customers who publish the most useful comments for the community.

  • Creating lists of recommended products so that they are automatically advised to other customers with similar tastesallowing an effective cross between customers in order to potentiate the generation of communities within the site.

  • Possibility of members create and moderate discussion groups This allows companies to follow the interest trends that are being generated among the site´s customers.

  • Message Center which allows a private interaction of message exchanges between members of the site, leading to more frequent visits and an increase in their loyalty.

Web-based Information Management System - Characteristics

  • Centralised web-based system for content management This allows an intuitive management of the whole commercial process as well as of the catalogue of products, clients and services.

  • Construction of a Optimised database and totally tailored to each project.

  • Capacity of interconnection of the management application with other proprietary software This allows total integration of products, customers and other desired content, cataloguing it according to the needs of each company.

  • Easy association of the site´s contents, with all the multimedia component necessary (images, videos, audio, flash animations, PDFs, etc.).

  • Automatic image processing to the desired formats and direct video conversion to be visualised by a Flash Player, making multimedia content production more profitable.

  • Modules aimed at those responsible for marketing that allow the development of differentiated communications with each client, configured through a system of visual customisation of business logics.

  • Visual and simplified management of discounts, coupons and offers by customer segments through the defined marketing logic.

  • Newsletter System with the possibility of controlled or automatic sending, using pre-designed graphic templates in which its contents are adapted to each client according to their needs.

  • Management of advertising banners in various formats with definitions of viewing periods, maximum number of clicks and views, with the possibility of differentiating them according to the user in session.

  • Through One-to-One Marketing the website can still be a great tool for communication and the Company´s relationship with the press, suppliers and other business partners.

  • Advanced real-time statistical reports containing numerous configuration parameters, so that the status of the various project components (products, orders, customers, etc.) can be assessed through effective metrics.

  • Ability to disseminate various site information through RSS and XML services, with the possibility of creation of Web Services tailored to the project.

  • Anti-spam features through the system (CAPTCHA) for log filtering, blacklisting, blocking IP addresses, usernames and e-mail addresses.

Some examples of rules to be included in the system through a simple visual configuration are:

  • If the customer has not logged in for 3 months, launch a re-posting email.

  • If you have already bought a product in area Z, show the news about event Y.

  • If you are a regular customer and you are interested in area W, but have not yet bought any of its products, present the news from this area on the home page.

  • If you have spent more than £100, show Y news.

  • If it is a birthday in the next 5 days, put the products from area Z with 10% discount and offer the shipping costs.

  • If the customer belongs to company X, put all products with Y% discount.

  • If the products in the shopping cart exceed the value of 30 euros and the delivery address is in continental Portugal, we offer the shipping costs.

  • If the customer likes brand X, send promotional e-mail with its latest product.

  • Offer a free gift to the first X orders placed over £50 and limit 2 per customer.

The business rules introduced into the system may be refined by the marketing team at any time, in order to make personalisation increasingly effective and valuable to the company.

Several additional modules can still be taken into account such as: Top sales, Agenda for promotion of events, Affiliate system, Promotional widgets to be installed on blogs, Integration with mobile devices, Facebook or other social networks, Multilingual support and much more.

The ud121 E-Commerce platform thus presents itself with all the key components capable of providing:

  • Boosting business by increasing customer loyalty combining communication and sales strategies processed automatically.

  • Increase sales by encouraging impulse purchases on presentation of automatically of related products, obtained through customer navigation, purchases made, desired products and recommendation lists.

  • Brand Recognition and Enhancement through a differentiated online presence, allied to a quality of service of excellence, capable of ensuring a great competitive advantage over the competition.

Integral definition of order flow

The solution can be configured to manage the order process from when the order is placed by the customer until it is delivered. To do this, the only thing that is required is to define the model of the logistical sequence that the orders face. This model is processed directly in the application, communicating with those involved through e-mail alerts.

Visual order management application

Orders can be tracked globally and viewed through an exclusive OMBE (Order Management Back End) system. This interface warns of order delays, communicates with the end customer, changes the status of the items and gives indications to employees about the status of each order.

He is prepared to manage conflict, question and communicate in a way that reduces human effort in order management.

Automated Management of Payments and Dispatch

To simplify the logistical work, electronic payments (via ATM, Credit Card or MBnet) can be automatic and calculated according to the delivered items, and the money is transferred without delay.

For orders against delivery the system generates PDF documents to be printed directly on the post office forms, with all the details of the client and sender, as well as the amounts involved in the order and delivery fees.

Partial deliveries

If an article is out of stock, the system allows the customer to be partially charged in order to expeditiously deliver the available articles while waiting for the missing articles. The shipping calculation is done automatically, and the customer is informed that part of the order has already been sent.

Advanced Features

Other functionalities can also be implemented, such as accounting entries in other systems, requisitions to suppliers in the case of stock out, sending SMS/Fax, local printing, etc...

About the technology

The ud121 platform is based on a LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP), used today in numerous success cases, which allows the implementation of fast, effective and robust systems, without the need for any licensing costs.


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