Digital Storefronts

Get a visual innovation in your shop windows

High street and shopping centre retailers are well aware that when it comes to window displays, first impressions really count. Yet you often see large chain stores or small local businesses, still managing their window displays as they did over 50 years ago!

Today's digital storefronts use high-brightness displays, bringing new life to your products and services, thus attracting consumers through immersive content, which even at a distance is impossible to ignore.

With this digital evolution, it is also possible to schedule dynamic content and instantly change videos, images or messages on screens to inspire customers with seasonal promotions, special events or current trends. In this way, in addition to the savings in vinyl and poster printing, the minimisation of the entire flow associated with distribution is achieved of them in the chain stores.

The use of the digital signage software World VDS of Amplitude Net, gives the possibility to move to the overall control over the creation, delivery and timing of each piece of content passing across screens as well as the flexibility to deal with promotions throughout the year so that each screen can, in real time, quickly respond to the changes and needs of each store or group of stores.

This technological advancement will allow your storefronts to easily stand out in the current rush of crowds and your competitors, creating a big boost in the marketing and commercial dynamics of your company.

Digital Signage in Digital Storefronts

Benefits of digital storefronts that rely on WorldVDS Digital Signage software

  • Capacity of easily publish campaigns instantly and manage content remotely (with on/off times)

  • Reduced cost of printing and distribution for placing new posters and promotional leaflets

  • Creating a modern and innovative image disseminating messages in an appealing way

  • Efficient way to welcome customers and gain credibility with the brand image

  • Issue segmentation according to the needs of the locations of each network screen

  • Statistical information about the content displayed on any screen and/or location

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