Digital Storefronts

Get a visual innovation in your shop windows

Street and mall retailers know well that when it comes to window displays, first impressions really count. Even so, it is common to see large chain stores or small local businesses, continuing to manage their windows as was done more than 50 years ago, at a time when digital windows were still a utopia!

Studies show that 76% of consumers enter stores they have never visited simply because of their signage, thus making it essential that business owners use digital signage to their advantage in their stores, as digital displays capture 4 times more attention than static posters.

High brightness screen for digital storefront

Current digital storefronts use high brightness screens, managing to give new life to their products and services, thus attracting consumers through immersive content, which even from a distance is impossible to ignore .

Some numbers that can help to understand the reach of digital storefronts through the use of an effective Digital Signage system in the retail segment are:

  • 80% of brands that use digital signage register a substantial increase in sales

  • 33% of consumers made impulse purchases rather than planned purchases, as a result of what they saw on digital screens

  • Digital Signage increases average purchase value by 29.5%

  • Digital Signage creates a 46% increase in customer satisfaction and a 32.8% increase in repeat buyers.

With this evolution of digital storefronts, it becomes possible to schedule dynamic content and instantly change the videos, images or messages on the screens, in order to inspire customers with seasonal promotions, special events or current trends. In this way, in addition to the savings in vinyl printing and posters, the minimization of the entire flow associated with their distribution in chain stores is achieved.

The use of Digital Signage Software World VDS from Amplitude Net, gives the possibility to start having the general control over the creation, delivery and time of each content to pass on the screens in the store, as well as the flexibility to deal with promotions throughout the year, in order to so that each screen can, in real time, respond quickly to the changes and needs of each store or a group of them.

This technological advance will allow your store windows to easily stand out from the current rushing crowd and your competitors, creating a great boost in your company's marketing and commercial dynamics.

Digital Signage in Digital Storefronts

Benefits of digital storefronts that rely on WorldVDS Digital Signage software

  • Ability to easily publish campaigns instantly and manage content remotely(with on/off times)

  • Reduction of printing and logistics costs for changing posters and promotional leaflets

  • Creation of a modern and innovative image, disseminating messages in an appealing way

  • Effective way to welcome customers and gain credibility with the brand image

  • Emission segmentation according to the local or regional specificities of each space

  • Statistical information about content displayed on any screen and/or location

How to choose a solution for Digital Shopfronts?

Before proceeding with the acquisition of your Digital Showcase solution, it is necessary to carry out a good planning of your objectives, namely:

  • The type of content that will be shown on the store's TV;

  • The screen size that will be needed to get your message across;

  • Number of hours that the screen will be on (do you only need 16 hours a day or is it essential to have 24 hours?)

In addition, it will also be essential to validate whether the window receives direct sunlight and whether it is open all day or just part of it, as this will affect:

  • The brightness levels the screen needs to be;

  • The screen´s ability to withstand heat and glare from the sun;

  • The price of the screen.

These are the main factors that will influence the definition of the professional high-brightness screen you need and that will lead to a large variation in the price of your digital shopfront. Another factor that also contributes to a price variation (often not noticed when you receive the value proposition), is the quality of the support for the screen, which can also vary a lot.

Types of hardware digital shopfronts

LED screens

This type of screen is distinguished by its greater luminosity, which contrasts with the sunlight that falls on the windows, as they are directed towards the outside, and by the possibility of making custom sizes.

  • Brightness: brightness is measured in nits (cd/m2) and LED screens for shop windows, or display windows, generally have a brightness of at least 1000 nits, but can reach up to 2000 nits, or even 5000 nits;

  • Resolution: from HD (1280x720 pixels) to 4K (3840x2160 pixels) or 8K (7680x4320 pixels)

  • Contrast: Contrast is the difference between the darkest and lightest parts of the image displayed on the LED panel. LED screens for shop windows usually have a high contrast to provide sharp and vivid images. Typical contrast can range from 1000:1 to 5000:1 or more;

  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate refers to how often the LED panel updates the displayed images per second. For digital signage in shopfronts, a refresh rate of at least 60 Hz is common, ensuring smooth playback of videos and animations.

  • Viewing angle: LED signage for shop windows generally has a wide viewing angle, allowing images to be seen clearly from different positions. The typical viewing angle can range from 160° to 178° both horizontally and vertically;

  • Dimensions and format: They can have different sizes and formats, depending on the specific needs of the space. They can range from small rectangular panels to large modular panels that can be combined to form larger screens.

High brightness professional screens

They are more standard models, which facilitates the choice and, typically, with a cooling system, to withstand exposure to heat.

  • Brightness: professional screens can offer excellent visibility in outdoor environments with high brightness, and can provide brightness between 2500 and 4000 nits (cd/m2);

  • Screen resolution: from Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) to 4K (3840x2160 pixels);

  • Contrast: Professional high brightness screens usually have good contrast to ensure good quality and sharp images. Typical contrast can range from 1000:1 to 5000:1 or more;

  • Hybrid Orientation: Vertical / Horizontal / Inclined;

  • Dimensions: Available in 46, 55 and 75 inches;

  • Cooling system: Due to the high brightness generated by professional high-brightness displays, they can generate significant heat. Therefore, these screens usually have an efficient cooling system to ensure the proper functioning and durability of the equipment;

  • Dust and water resistance, and UV resistance option.

Digital shopfront management software

The software that will give life to the contents to be presented in your digital showcase is also extremely important, this being one of the key factors that have led more and more companies to opt for Digital Signage solution World VDS by Amplitude Net, for your digital shopfronts.

Even if in an initial phase you only want to schedule videos and images to pass, with the evolution of time many other more advanced needs may come to make sense, such as:

  • Display the content simultaneously on several screens (since to create greater impact, some companies choose to have the same content displayed synchronously on more than one screen in the showcase, when these are very large);

  • Display content on a videowall system (multiple screens together to create a larger display area);

  • Use screens from various manufacturers (since the World VDS software can run natively on screens from all major screen manufacturers, thus avoiding the need to purchase additional equipment/players to connect to the screens);

  • Use of triggers that lead to the presentation of different contents (for example, depending on the climate in the place or the gender of the person looking at the screen);

  • Obtain detailed analytical reports on the contents displayed in each period of time;

  • Overlapping zones on the screen, with the possibility of adding dozens of Free Widgets (such as: news from the main newspapers, publications and indicators from social networks, clock, and many others);

  • Normal operation of the system even in the temporary absence of Internet on site;

  • Use the same software to manage the sound of the venue.

These examples are just some of the features available in the World VDS software, which have led companies to opt for their choice of digital signage in the management of their digital storefronts. Even knowing that in an initial phase they may not need to use the full potential of the software, from a perspective of project evolution, they know that it will always be able to satisfy the intended requirements for their digital storefronts.


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