Digital Signage

Elevate your communication to a level of choice

Digital signage is a communication system carried out by means of digital information panels with an enormous permanent growth in the last decade in relation to its increased adherence by companies.

The digital screens use technologies such as LCD, LED or projection, and can be used as a network of centrally managed single or grouped electronic displays for the display of animated text messages, images, video for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising according to the desired target audience.

The use Digital signage can be found on screens in the most varied locations as public spaces, shops, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, museums, stadiums and, transportation systems.

Beyond the mighty Digital Signage software - the WorldVDS; Amplitude Net also has a number of services as the Creation and Management of Contents and the Installation of all equipment in order to ensure the creation of advanced Digital Signage turnkey solutions.

On the website you can explore the various Digital Signage solutions that Amplitude Net provides such as Corporate TV, Digital Menus, Digital Storefronts, Digital Murals and Video Walls.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Some of the advantages of using the WorldVDS Digital Signage software are:

  • Emerging communication and marketing channel that generates notoriety

  • Reduction of printing and logistics costs for changing posters and promotional leaflets

  • Instant presentation of news and campaigns promotional and loyalty programs

  • Centralized management of content and terminals

  • Dissemination of messages in an appealing way transmitting an image of modernity and innovation

  • Effective way to welcome customers and gain credibility with the brand image

  • Capacity of introduce interactivity for a greater influence on the purchase

  • Decreased feeling of waiting experienced by the customer

  • Possibility of connection with the queuing system existing

  • Targeting of issuance according to local specificities or regional of each space

  • Modular system that can be integrated with various content sources

Amplitude Net Digital Signage Software is available for different device types and operating systems as Windows, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Tizen, the system associated with Samsung's professional screens, thus enabling a cost savings for your customers against the type of device that best fits their context.

The versatility of World VDS is such that it is currently ready to run on Raspberry Pi, on the main brands of professional screens for Digital Signage (such as Samsung, LG and Philips) and also on other main operating systems, such as Windows, Android and Linux.

Positioning of companies to Digital Signage

Are several leading companies in various sectors of activity (not only Portugal but also other countries) that have been adopting Amplitude Net solutions to embrace their Digital Signage projects.

Although most projects do not usually exceed dozens of screens, there are also several that reach hundreds and thousands of terminals, and in some situations, large multidisciplinary teams are involved in the emissions associated with the projects. Some of these reference examples of large-scale projects from our clients come from CTT, Tabaqueira, EDP, Elo Pharma Pharmacy Networks or Petrobráswhich is the largest company in Brazil. It is also worth highlighting the fact that some of these projects have already won several awards for best Corporate TV channels and Digital Signage not only in Portugal but also internationally.

Our WorldVDS Digital Signage and Corporate TV software allows a perfect adaptation to each project regardless of its complexity and size, which has led it to be the choice of more and more companies.

Practical applications of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is thus seen as an increasingly essential need for companies, year after year, more and more people are validating the advantages they can draw from this powerful means of communication, which allows you to communicate to your target audiences in real time, and bring profitability to businesses quickly.

The scope of the markets that use the benefits of Digital Signage solutions is very wide so we highlight only the main ones:

This massive adoption by the most varied types of markets is due to the great applicability of the various benefits previously presented, which makes it easy to understand the strong growth that this business area is annually having.

So, if some 5 years ago companies used Digital Signage as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors, nowadays, they are already doing it as a way of not being overtaken by it, because its use is already starting to be very frequent.

Thus, it is increasingly important that the overall solution adopted for Digital Signage / Digital Signage can make a difference. It is at this point that Digital Signage software World VDS joins the wide range of services that Amplitude Net provideswhich allows us to offer the market a complete Digital Signage solution ready to respond to any challenge of any size and complexity.

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