More than Digital Signage Software in Portugal

About Amplitude Net and its World VDS Digital Signage Software

The World VDS is a Digital Signage software designed in Portugal by Amplitude Net, but Amplitude Net is much more than that software.

With a business core currently focused on complete solutions for Digital Signage and channels of Corporate TV, the Amplitude Net in addition to having the software of reference in the Portuguese market, it also stands out for its comprehensive offering at services global which gives it the ability to materialize any type of Digital Signage projects and Corporate TV channels that companies wish to develop.

Anyone who has worked with Amplitude Net has already noted this fact, and in Portugal, World VDS is currently used by the largest companies in various sectors of activity.

Of these companies, the following stand out CTT and your bank, a EDP, Decathlon, Super Bock Group, Prio Energy, Jerónimo Martins, Tabaqueira or the Elo Farma in pharmacy management in Portugal.

At the international level one of the references is Brazil, since our software was adopted by the largest Brazilian company, Petrobraswhich uses it on all the hundreds of screens in its Digital Signage and Corporate TV network.

Our Services that complement Digital Signage Software

On scope of coverage Amplitude Net services that complement your Digital Signage software the following stand out:

  • Project Management:Coordination of teams when they involve several distinct entities
  • Channel Management:Support in the management of the content to be broadcast in the Digital Signage or Corporate TV channel emissions
  • Design & Image:Graphic development of communication Templates and Animations for the contents to be transmitted
  • Installation:Installation and assembly of all the equipment involved in the Digital Signage or Corporate TV channels, from the screens and players to the routers, or even the signal extenders and respective cabling between the equipment
  • Support and Maintenance:: Permanent monitoring of projects with preventive maintenance and/or support for corrective and on-site assistance
  • Specific Developments:Dedicated team that integrates the Digital Signage or Corporate TV channel with proprietary systems (ERPs, queuing systems or others), so that the information on the screens is automated
  • Filming and Editing:Event coverage and editing of the filming to produce the final content to be broadcast, with the possibility of adding subtitles and oracles in the final productions
  • Live Streaming:Monitoring of live broadcasts on Digital Signage, Corporate TV or WebTV channels through specialized material
  • Housing: Provision of dedicated cloud servers, optimised for each customer with a permanent monitoring and backup system
  • Consulting:From the design of the Digital Signage and WebTV project strategy to the technical training on the software supporting the solutions

It is this comprehensive range of services that complements the Digital Signage software and that provide guarantees to the companies that choose us, because they know they will be working together with a partner that has a proven track record in the market, and that can always offer a valuable contribution to the project in any of its phases, regardless of its size.

Growth of completed Digital Signage Projects

At several of our customers, who currently have hundreds of Digital Signage screens, the start of the project took place in a very small pilot environmentwith only a few screen units running our software. As the project matured, through strategic meetings for the definition of the channel, gradually (or sometimes quickly) several of our services were integrated to make possible the large dimension of the channels currently broadcast. Often the environments associated with projects are quite difficult, due to the difficulty of access to the locations or even due to the demanding information workflows in the companies that had to be automated in order to be able to present the valuable information that passes on the screens without any manual effort.

Over the years, Some of our Digital Signage and Corporate TV projects have won awards not only in Portugal but also in other countries. CTT´s channel, CTT TV, and EDP´s edpON channel have achieved the highest recognition.

World VDS - one Digital Signage Software for (almost) all Operating Systems

In Portugal, Amplitude Net was the first company to start this line of business with a Digital Signage software ownerwhich even nowadays still presents unique features compared to the software offered by the competition.

World VDS is currently available for various operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi and more recently for the Tizen by Samsung. This versatility allows an easy inclusion of the software in the operating systems that companies want to develop their Digital Signage project, since many times companies already have the equipment and just want to change the platform because they are not satisfied with the limitations associated with what they have.

Practical use of Digital Signage

Among the many advantages inherent to the use of these solutions is the possibility of being able to carry out management in a centralised manner and in real timeAll communications on the screens of companies, specifically targeted to each of their target audiences, which combined with the many other advantages that Digital Signage solutions allow, can guarantee a very rapid return on investment for those who adopt these solutions.

The scope of the markets that have already understood and daily benefit from Digital Signage solutions is also vast, so we highlight some of which Amplitude Net presents reference cases:

The fact that the applicability and benefits of Digital Signage are transversal to the vast majority of different markets, easily explains the this business area is experiencing great growth not only in Portugal but also in as at the global level. O Digital Signage has thus become an increasingly essential tool for businesses and the numbers speak for themselves, as the number of companies using these solutions has been growing steadily for several years.

While a few years ago, companies used Digital Signage as a way to show their pioneering side and differentiate themselves from their competition, nowadays they already use it as a resource not to be overtaken by their competition, because its use is increasingly common, due to the various advantages that can be obtained.

Final conclusions about Amplitude Net and its Digital Signage software

Given the increase in the number of Digital Signage solutions available, it is therefore increasingly important that the overall solution adopted for the project, manages to be the differentiating reason for it.

It is at this point that as mentioned above, o Digital Signage software World VDS joins the wide range of services that Amplitude Net offers the market a complete solution, ready to respond to any challenge, regardless of its complexity and size.

Thus, the Amplitude Net in addition to having a Digital Signage software of reference, also has at its disposal an entire ecosystem of services related to Digital Signage that complement this softwareand that currently give life to small, medium and large projects, for the most varied reference companies, market leaders in different sectors, not only in Portugal but also in other countries.