Digital Signage in pharmacies of the Elo Farma chain

Elo Farma is a national pharmacy support network with the aim of creating better solutions and opportunities for them.

Its growth has been extremely high and the numbers speak for themselves. In 2013 Elo Farma had only 12 pharmacies, but in 2016 there were 138 pharmacies, with more than 210 pharmacies by 2020 of its network. The basis of its success is a high quality service, based on rigour, transparency and trust in the partnerships and relationships established.

Pharmacies that have believed in the Elo Farma project enjoy more competitive commercial conditions, training, access to reference partners and management tools, marketing services and much, much more.

Elo Farma TV - The Digital Signage Solution in the chain´s pharmacies

With the aim of continuously improving the effectiveness of communication between pharmacies and their customers/patients, within its digital strategy for 2017, the World VDS Digital Signage software of Amplitude Net, enabling pharmacies to react very quickly to the demanding needs of the market.

So far the system of Digital Signage is already in operation in about 180 pharmacies. Approximately 40 new pharmacies have entered each year, of a total of 210 screens.

To materialise this new digital communication strategy, the following are being put in place 43´´ screens inside pharmacies and 55´´ screens in the shop window with a vertical layout.

There are also pharmacies that have been integrating their queuing systems directly in the broadcasts that are shown in the indoor TVs, since the Amplitude Net Digital Signage software is already prepared to integrate with the main queuing systems in the market.

The emissions of the window displays differ from those inside pharmaciesSince the needs of pharmacies vary radically depending on their location in the country, there is still a differentiated communication according to their geographical location. A paradigmatic example of this difference of needs is the fact that the high temperature discrepancies that exist between the north and south of the country originate a very big difference in the colds that are felt in each place.

Through the Digital Signage Software (and Corporate TV) of Amplitude Net, Elo Farma also manages to shorten to the maximum the time of placing posters with advertising messages in pharmacies. With a totally flexible remote management via Web, Elo Farma can, at any time, automatically change the information on the screens of all or any pharmacy, which is a great advantage not only for pharmacies but also for laboratories and patients.

In 2020 Elo Farma now benefits from the technological upgrade carried out on the solution World VDS of Digital Signagewhich now runs natively on the main professional screens on the marketIt is no longer necessary to have an additional player associated with the screen. This advance, besides making the solution cheaper, also simplifies its installation in pharmacies as well as the maintenance of the whole system. Currently the World VDS is ready to run on the screens of the SamsungLG and Philips (besides also running on Windows, Android and Raspberry Pi).

More Benefits of Digital Signage in Pharmacies

In addition to the aforementioned possibility of updating content in real time, which minimise costs associated with all the logistics of disseminating posters and promotional brochures, in the context of pharmacies, digital signage solutions are also pointed out as having in addition the following main benefits:

  • Increase in Sales: Digital signage screens scattered in locations displaying products, promotions and campaigns, arouse greater customer attention and aid purchases. The InfoTrends study estimates increases of up to 31.8% in the overall sales volume of establishments using digital signage technology.
  • Decreased perception of waiting timeBy using digital screens at payment stations, customers experience a reduction in queuing times by more than a third (35%). According to a study conducted by Lavi Industries, if there is an integrated queue management system on the screen, this feeling of waiting time can be reduced by up to 40%.
  • Customer Information and LoyaltyIn addition to advertising products, providing useful information to customers is equally valuable, to the point where the current marketing landscape is focused on content. Within this context, disease prevention communications have been increasingly carried out by pharmacies, being highly valued by users, so that they know how to act in certain situations. Thus, the conquest and loyalty of the customer to the brand can be facilitated through this form, in which valuable content is delivered (not being directly related to a product or service).

More about the Elo Farma chain of pharmacies

Within the universe of solutions that have been created by the Elo Farma Network for pharmacies, the "Elo Farma Academy" also stands out, a programme aimed at training strategies to optimise communication between the pharmacist and the customer, directed at pharmacy managers and teams.

The academy covers various topics such as Financial Tools, Sales techniques, Cross and Upselling, Category Management, Motivating teams, Marketing and Communication and Business Plans.

The pharmacies that are part of the Elo Farma network have access to the training free of charge thanks to the support of the partners involved.

Digital Signage Project Testimonial

"The work of Amplitude Net has been an indispensable tool for the development of Elo Farma Network in the digital environment. The company's professionalism and its ability to respond to requests in a swift manner deserve special mention. The support team is always available to solve, quickly and efficiently, all the questions we ask them.#

Mafalda Almeida - Alpha Project Coordinator