WorldVDS Digital Signage gives digital interactivity to the most emblematic place in Brazil

The technology of World VDS of corporate television and digital signagehas been adopted by several of the largest Brazilian companies, and this time it has reached the most emblematic place in Brazil, Christ the Redeemer.

A statue of Christ the Redeemerconsidered one of the 7 wonders of the modern worldIt is a must for tourists who do not know Rio de Janeiro and also an important place for the local population, who use the park as an area for leisure, sports and contemplation of its natural exuberance.

To commemorate their 82 years of existence and to be able to offer digital interactivity to around 1 million annual visitors, 5 digital information centres will be set up, with screens which provide tourist details about each of the landscapes.

As the digital media are strategically placed on the plateau of Christ the Redeemer, it is possible to see the access to information 360° view of the surrounding nature.

The initiative has been a success, with strong daily participation from tourists visiting the nature parks.

The solution of Digital Signage World VDS is on board in the power plants to guarantee the stability systemic operational, update information and offer support in multimedia kiosk mode in the LCD monitors 46-inch NEC professional which were chosen for their high brightness, robustness, compatibility and high resolution.