MENU BOARD Digital Signage menus for restaurants

Improve your restaurants with the Digital Menu Board, a digital signage solution for dynamic and engaging digital screens that captivate your audience.


3 to 50%

increase in average sales in restaurants with digital signage


is the perceived waiting time that digital menus reduce


of purchasing decisions are decided over the counter

Real Examples of Digital Storefronts

Why choose Amplitude Net?

Many reasons in one great, great solution.

  • End-to-end service and focus on turnkey projects;
  • Customizable solution by the internal development team;
  • Variety of portfolio and number of clients.


Years Experience

11 000+


115 000+

h/day of emissions

62 000+

Beneficiary Employees


Digital Menu Board Management Software

The Menu Board is personalized, allows you to schedule dynamic content and instantly change videos, images or messages on the restaurant screens, you can have a virtual menu in the restaurant, make digital promotions, special dishes, in order to inspire customers with promotions seasonal, special events or current trends.

The most compatible digital communications software on the market

Compatible with major display manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Sony and Philips. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi Players, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS and Philips SoC monitors, allowing a wide selection of the most economical device that best meets the project needs.


Apps to streamline your business

Templates with already created designs that you can place in the playlist and allow you to display dynamic data

Benefits that will increase your KPIs


Prices and menus in real time, easily, remotely, and quickly through apps with visual templates and dynamic data from company data sources.


The environmental impact and traditional printing costs by reducing paper prints of menus, which quickly become obsolete.


Handle problems by reducing them, saving time, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving overall efficiency.


In consumer decisions to promote the specialties of your daily menu and attract customers through the appeal of high-brightness screens.


Automatic menu promotions at different times of the day, at specific events during the year, such as Valentine's Day, or by removing dishes that are no longer available.


Anxiety and waiting time for customers in queues, as they can watch videos, images, and promotions you present while they wait