Digital Menu

Increase your influencing power with dynamic messaging across digital screens

The digital menu boards help provide fast, high quality service to customers of casual or quick-service restaurants.

The system of Digital Signage has the purpose of making the highly flexible menus, allowing dynamic supplies to be inserted and prices to be changed at any time.

About 30% of customers believe digital menus influence their purchase of a product. Fast food chains around the world get it increase your sales between 3% and 50% by adopting Digital Menus Boards.

The WorldVDS software of Digital Signage allows restaurant owners and operators to instantly manage, edit and display menus thanks to the ease of use and updating of this platform.

Digital Signage in the Menus

Other benefits that our system offers:

  • Capacity of influence the decision making of your customers in order to promote your special deliveries from the daily menu

  • Remote modification of prices and menus, easy and fast

  • Automatic adaptation of menu promotions at different times daily

  • Use of dynamic and suggestive messages that arouse the viewer´s interest

  • Print cost reduction

  • More effective consumer engagement due to the power of attraction of the screen

  • Decreased feeling of waiting in line

  • Better brand representation


Case Studies and News

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