Engage your customers and employees with Digital Signage in the business environment

They are already numerous companies worldwide that rely on the modernity of Digital Signage to pass information and motivational content to reach all branches of business, namely employees, customers and partners.

It has been proven that the employees are gone feeling less and less motivated in their business environment so that this simple alternative, supported by the active involvement of employees in the project, improves the work environment and motivation thus giving rise to a new front to achieve achieve brand success.

The use of the WorldVDS software enables digital screens to deliver content and information precisely, at strategic moments and at various points in the establishments.

The forms of corporate communication involve a large number of viewers so that various media can be used as an example, video walls, panels LED outdoors, totems, televisions and mobile devices, which can easily be updated.

These digital platforms can be used in the most diverse company locations, such as lobbies, canteens, elevators, waiting rooms, in meeting rooms and departments.

Digital Signage in Companies

Top reasons to adopt WorldVDS Digital Signage software in the business sector:

  • Effectiveness in the way you disseminate your company´s objectives and values to its customers and employees

  • Display of informative content internal and interactive content at strategic points

  • Communication in a dynamic way and in real time

  • System of easy to use where employees without technical knowledge can create and update content

  • Decreased perception of waiting time by customers in waiting rooms

  • Display of warning message in real time to ensure a safe environment

  • Effective way to welcome customers and win credibility with the brand image

  • Reducing the use of inefficient and outdated means like posters

  • Integration with news and other Intranet content


Case Studies and News

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