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World VDS is a complete remote content management platform for Corporate TV and Digital Signage networks.

Based on the latest digital technologies and techniques that go far beyond the traditional Digital Signage solutions, World VDS contents are centrally managed and locally updated, allowing the communication displayed on each screen to be adapted to its location, time and target audience, including customers, visitors and employees.

Modular and customizable to suit each organization, World VDS is a privileged instrument to support the Marketing and Organizational Communication, which conveys an image of dynamism and modernism, making the most of the spaces where the concentration or passage of the public takes place.

We highlight some important features, such as apps, for quick, dynamic integration of content; integrations with third-party systems, such as PowerBI; the usability of the platform; triggers, for interaction with the real world, such as changing a video using a button on the wall; grouping playlists and screens with tags; managing access profiles for different users; urgent playlists and the possibility of having playlists within playlists, which are features that generate a lot of value for customers and that most software do not have.

World VDS is the choice of several leading Companies in many departments, from Industry, Health, Retail, Transportation, Energy, Services, among much others.

Among the various national reference channels, we highlight the CTT and EDP channels that have won national and international awards, as well as those of Decathlon, Super Bock Group, Lipor, Ageas, Nobel Biocare, Unicâmbio, Luís Simões and Lactogal.

Internationally, one of the main references comes from Brazil, more specifically from the Petrobras TV Channel, which has several hundred World VDS players installed in many locations of the Group.


Issue Contents

App Integration

Stream the broadcast with automatically integrated applications like Weather, Clock, Traffic Information, PSI20 Stock Market, Newspaper Covers and Current News. Learn more

Full Picture and Video Support

Support for SD, HD and 4K Image, Video, Streaming and Flash files

Integration with TV and Streaming

Add On Demand TV Channels or IP Streaming to broadcast

Data Source

Get content dynamically via RSS, FTP, Web-Service or Excel

Audio Control

Create audio channels or play background music that can be skipped when a video with its own audio is played
Learn more

Inclusion of web pages

Add HTML pages by uploading ZIP file or desired URL

Real Time Data Publishing

Customize the broadcast containing external real-time data, obtained through the multiple advanced ways of integration available

Layout and Issue Management

Multi-Zone Screen Division

Complete flexibility to divide the screen into the zones you want, each with the ability to display its own content.

Zones overlay on the screen

Place the channel logo or other elements on top of the videos and images, leaving the original files intact.

Meta-Data of Players

Specify Meta Information to each Player (through Value-Field data, like for example "Player 1" with Location=Lisbon and "Player 2" with Location=Porto) allowing the use of these fields dynamically in the broadcasts.


Creation of playlists for any area of the screen independent from the others, with any type of content.


Secondary playlists that can be added to the main playlists, in which the number of contents to be presented in each call is defined (thus being able to create highly dynamic broadcasts without increasing work).

Management by Terminal Groups

Associate the same playlists with groups of similar endpoints in a way, so that each intended update to them is reflected massively without any further associated work.


Urgent Playlist

Interrupt the normal broadcast with another one at specific times, for example to show a football match at a specific time

Emergency Messages

Appearance of alarmist messages if external events such as emergencies occur


Display certain content based on external events, such as weather, touch screen, motion and light sensors, or even if the player enters a certain distance from a location (very useful for bus or taxi situations)


Set the time intervals of the playlist, or of just one of its items with a simple graphical display, with the frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly) and days of the week you want

Conditional Playback

For each list that is being played on the various players, playback conditions can be created on each item in order to create a complex schedule, but in a very simple way (For example, item "Image A" can be set to appear only on weekends, or item "Video B" to appear only if the Player has the Location=Lisbon)


Monitoring of Players and Displays

View in a single place the global status of all your screens, understanding what they are doing, if there is any offline or updating information, and also their "health" (namely CPU, disk and memory usage)

Alarmistic of the Contents

Understand which contents went Offline or will no longer be shown in order to easily identify possible human failures in the desired programming

Network Usage Minimization:

Possibility of defining one of the players within the same network as a content distributor for the other Players (thus there will be only one Player that fetches contents from the central server)

Disable Screens

Possibility to set the time at which each screen should turn off.

Source lock

Possibility to define that the screen only works on a certain source in order to rectify possible failures, if someone accidentally changes it.

QR Codes

Generation of unique QR Codes per terminal for marketing actions or surveys, allowing to know the exact place where they were read.

Excellent Compatibility

Delivery of content over HTTP/HTTPS via IPv4 or IPv6, compatible with proxies and ACNS to ensure most IT security requirements

Player Features

Full Screen Compatibility

Use on any type of screen whether basic or Videowall, interactive, LED or Outdoor

Plug & Play system

Automatic display of the broadcast as soon as the player is connected to the screens

Multiple Operating System

Compatible on Windows, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi Players, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS and Philips SoC monitors, allowing for a wide selection of the most cost-effective device that best meets project needs.

Automatic Recovery

In case of power loss the player will automatically turn on to restore the broadcast

Reduced Size

Given the system´s wide performance and low power consumption, it can be installed in very small and discreet players, easily placed behind the screens

Intelligent content updating

Content is delivered automatically with each player intelligently choosing only the files that are new or have changed (and not the content in its entirety)

Operation in the Absence of Internet

En caso de fallo de la conexión a la red, el reproductor seguirá reproduciendo el último contenido que haya obtenido, normalizando la emisión (si procede) en cuanto se restablezca la conexión


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