Corporate TV

Engage your employees and customers with a Corporate TV broadcast in the corporate environment

More and more companies are successfully investing in the Corporate TV solutions in order to communicate internally in an efficient way through the screens placed in the company.

The digital screens are usually located in strategic placessuch as canteens, rooms, departments and corridors, so that employees are continuously in touch with information that is transmitted in a segmented, dynamic and attractive way.

Corporate TV is an Internal Communication System that helps the company's strategic objectives helping for example to increase the alignment of teams, promote the integration of employees and monitor the established processes and goals.

Benefits of Corporate TV in companies

The advantages of using this advanced World VDS Corporate TV communication tool include:

  • Easy access to information for employees

  • Abandonment of complexities caused by newspapers, magazines and printed news murals to keep employees informed

  • Global alignment of employees with the company´s strategy and values

  • Real-time presentation of news market, company or internal communications

  • System of easy to use where employees without technical knowledge can create and update content

  • Effective way to welcome employees and gain credibility with corporate branding

Our Corporate TV Software

With more than a decade in the market, Amplitude Net was in Portugal the first Portuguese company to start this branch of activity with a Digital Signage and Corporate TV software proprietary software, which even today still has unique features compared to competition's internal communication software.

Among the multiple features that our Corporate TV Software offers, the following can be highlighted in the context of Corporate TV for companies:

  • The ease in managing the content to be displayed on the screens, allowing very fast communication with employees
  • Dissemination of various information on a single device, managed centrally
  • Possibility of integrating the software with the companies' information systems, in order to present valuable indicator information, permanently updated, without any necessary human effort
  • The display of several contents simultaneously
  • Possibility of differentiating the contents for each existing screen in the companies
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Our World VDS software for Corporate TV is currently available for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android Raspberry Pi as well as for the Samsung´s Tizen system and LG´s WebOS. This versatility (unique worldwide) allows an easy integration of our software in the various operating systems and different brands of screens that companies consider using for their corporate TV project, since in many situations companies already have the equipment, or screens, and just want to change the internal communication platform because they are not satisfied with the limitations associated with what they currently have.

Learn more about the World VDS Digital Signage Software

Benefits of Corporate TV in companies for Endomarketing and Internal Marketing

Endomarketing and "Internal Marketing, differences between them will be analysed below, have as a common point their key audience, which are the employees of the companies. They are recognised at a corporate level as the "most precious asset that companies have".

In this way, it is easy to understand the the strong contribution that Corporate TV solutions can make to companiesscreens placed in workplaces become key elements in ensuring that all the corporate communication strategy that companies want to have with their employeescan reach them in a permanent and natural way in the various working environments.

For alignment and corporate transparency to be developed in the Corporate TV channels, various headings may be developed that can generate a major influence on the message to be conveyed to employees, of which we highlight a few:

  • Informative pieces containing the Mission, Vision and Values of the company
  • Characteristics that differentiate the company from its competitors
  • News from the market or internal news
  • Constant and segmented disclosure of the company´s key indicators
  • Targets and main results achieved
  • Disclosure of the entry and exit of new employees, as well as changes in positions that have occurred
  • Presentation of employees´ birthdays
  • Institutional or archive videos (for example to be shown in a History section)
  • Data relevant to social media activity
  • Promotion of team events

Corporate TV broadcasts may also contain various additional information valuable to the employees from which they stand out:

  • Occupancy of meeting rooms
  • Lunch and dinner menu of the day
  • Weather Forecast of the region

All these ideas, which can be put into items on the Corporate TV channels, can easily stimulate employeeswith the objective of making them believe more in your brand, so that they can wear the company´s jersey with more willingness, in order to defend the values and what your company offers to the market.

Differences between Endomarketing and Internal Marketing

Although the term Endomarketing has already been introduced in the 90´s, it is a term that has become more popular in the last years and that can be understood as the Marketing actions turned to the inside of the company, with the objective of selling internally to its employees the image, ideas and brand of the company.

Although Endomarketing is often wrongly referred to as "Internal Marketing", both have several aspects in common, the main one being their target audience or key audience, which are the companies´ employees.

Unlike "Internal Marketing", Endomarketing is associated with a strong commercial component, and is based on traditional marketing techniques and strategies that are applied to its internal audience. It aims to turn the company´s employees into true brand advocates, and also advocates of the purpose and what the company offers.

Through this conquest of employees by the companies, they gain the feeling of belonging to something higher, thus giving companies a better connection to their teams, leading to better performance by them, and also helping to:

  • Promote your brand
  • Increase your visibility in the market
  • Improve the overall results of the company

It can thus be said that the endomarketing only begins when the employees are considered the first internal market for companies, where they begin to be seen as allies to the success of the business and not as a mere workforce paid.

Internal Marketing, also known as internal communication, is related to the training or qualification actions of the companies´ employees with the aim of providing a better overall service, both to the final customer (the consumer) and to the company itself, making the work environment better, and thus managing to increase talent retention.

Thus, the internal marketing is associated with the practice within companies of all communication between the organization and its employees, having a social character, which always values the interpersonal relationship, through a uniform communication that shares with all employees the culture of the company.

In summary, it can be stated that if in endomarketing the employee is seen from the customer´s point of view, in internal marketing the company aims to achieve its transformation into a collaborator.

Reference Projects of Corporate TV in Companies

Year after year, Amplitude Net technology has been increasingly chosen by several leading Companies in various business sectors to build their Corporate TV channels.

Among these companies stand out: EDP, CTT, Super Bock Group, Lipor, Continental, Ageas, Lactogal, Axa Assistance and The Navigator Company.

Internationally, the main reference comes from the largest Brazilian company, Petrobras, which uses our software on the hundreds of screens of its network to broadcast its Corporate TV channel.

Some of the projects carried out by Amplitude Net were awarded nationally and internationally as the best Corporate TV project of the year - the CTT channel called CTT TV, and the EDP with the name edpON are those that have achieved the greatest recognition.

It should be noted that several of the projects carried out for our customers, who currently have hundreds of Corporate TV screens in their companies, started with just a few screen units in their facilities with a pilot broadcast. As the projects matured through strategic meetings to define the evolution of the channel, the projects gradually grew, and several of our complementary services were also incorporated, which made possible the high dimension of some of the channels currently broadcast by the companies.

Testimonials about Corporate TV projects in Companies

"Since 2015, Amplitude Net has been our supplier for Corporate TV. The experience has been very positive, as the platform used has allowed this communication channel to evolve through the development of new contents and formats. Therefore, CTT's Corporate TV has gained growing notoriety and importance among the internal public, which is in line with our strategic goals. For us, a company that follows the evolution of times and has innovation as a fundamental value, it is very important to have suppliers that are up to our challenges and share our vision."

Elsa Duarte - Internal Communication and Content

"Amplitude Net has been a key partner in CTT's Internal Communication. CTT's Corporate TV is a project that allowed our company to win awards in the internal communication area, both nationally and internationally. The relationship with the Amplitude Net team could not be better. This team helps us on a daily basis to communicate with employees and challenges us to innovate both in form and content. In fact, the Amplitude Net team is an extension of CTT's internal communication team."

Adriana Eugénio - Internal Communication and Content

"In developing our Corporate TV project with Amplitude Net, we naturally expected professionalism, competence, knowledge and proactivity in problem solutions. The times and the work showed us a committed and imaginative partner, who uses their knowledge and experience to add value to what, more than a project, is a common adventure."

EDP - Energias de Portugal - Brand and Communication Department

"The partnership between Lactogal and Amplitude Net began in 2015 and allowed us to communicate effectively with our approximately 1200 factory employees, taking to them the institutional and brand information that, every day, we transmit internally. It is a partner that responds in an agile and creative way to all the needs that are placed before it, regardless of the degree of complexity involved and, therefore, it remains a key partner in Lactogal's internal communication strategy."

Marta Magalhães - Internal Communication

"Amplitude Net was our choice for the renewal of The Navigator Company's Corporate TV and we couldn't be more satisfied. It's essential to have trust in the suppliers we work with, and in the case of Amplitude Net, we know we can count on a fast response to all requests, and on a creative and technical approach of great quality. Today, with the job we develop together, we communicate, through this channel, in a closer and more effective way with our more than 3000 employees"

João Muge - Talent Management and Organisational Development Department

Our services that complement the Corporate TV Software

In addition to our market reference software, Amplitude Net also offers a wide range of complementary services for Corporate TV projects in companies of which the following stand out:

  • Project Management: Coordination of teams whenever they involve different entities
  • Channel Management: Assisting in the management of the contents to be broadcast on the Corporate TV channel
  • Design & Image: Development of Animations and graphic communication Templates for the contents to be transmitted
  • Installation: Installation and assembly of the equipment involved in the Corporate TV channels, from TVs and players to routers, or even signal extenders and the respective cabling between the equipment
  • Support and Maintenance: Continuous monitoring of projects through preventive maintenance with support for corrective and on-site assistance
  • Specific Developments: Programming team that integrates the Corporate TV channel broadcasting with the companies´ proprietary systems, in order to automate the information that is presented on the companies´ screens
  • Filming and Editing: Event coverage and editing of the filming, in order to create the final content to be broadcast, with the possibility of adding oracles and subtitles in the final productions
  • Live Streaming: Accompanying live broadcasts on Corporate TV or WebTV channels through specific and specialized material
  • Housing: Dedicated servers in the cloud, optimized for each client with permanent monitoring and data recovery system
  • Consulting: Design of the best strategies for Corporate TV projects, and technical training on the software supporting the solutions

It is this wide range of services that complements the Corporate TV software and gives all the guarantees to the companies that choose us. When you do, you know that you will be working together with a proven partnerable to offer a valuable contribution in any phase and/or dimension in which the project may already be, so that it can turn its Corporate TV channel, to be broadcasted in the company´s premises, into a true success story.


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