Corporate ScreenSaver

Turn idle PC screens into a powerful communication channel

Making corporate communication reach employees in times of homeoffice has currently been the main challenge of the Internal Communication areas.

With that in mind, Amplitude Net developed the Corporate ScreenSaver, a powerful internal communication channel directly on the screen of your team's computers, with a low investment and very high impact.

What is World VDS Corporate ScreenSaver?

Designed by Amplitude Net, it´s a highly effective way to reach and engage everyone in your organization by harnessing the hidden power of your own work computers.

In a discreet way, Corporate ScreenSavers have the ability to create a powerful internal communication channel by transforming inactive employee monitors into authentic attractive digital billboards.

Besides being able to reduce corporate SPAM, it allows to make all employees aware, in a non-intrusive way, of the important corporate communications to be transmitted, keeping teams aware of what really matters for the company, without interrupting them in their daily work.

What makes Corporate ScreenSaver so powerful?

In addition to the Corporate TV channels that continue to be shown on company screens, this opens up the opportunity for their broadcasts to also be shown directly on the screens of each of your employees, in a totally passive way without interfering with their productivity.

With the new requirements of social distancing, the business scenario changed overnight. Busy corporate headquarters became empty, and most employees started working from home, turning apartments and houses into the new offices.

ScreenSavers provide a golden opportunity to transmit important messages during the "downtime" of employees, making them the perfect solution not only for the context of remote work, but also in the presence of teams in their normal workplaces.

Its passive but unmissable "in the background" format allows companies to get the message out to employees, engaging and promoting a positive culture to their teams, without interfering, irritating or further burdening the companies´ email channel.

Repetition equals better recall.

Repetition is recognized as an effective corporate communication strategy because it allows a better recall of the message by the audience. Since ScreenSavers are repetitive, your contribution becomes valuable as you get your message better remembered by your employees.

How Does the Corporate ScreenSaver Work?

The Corporate ScreenSaver is activated when a monitor is not used for a predefined time, i.e. when an employee is temporarily absent from his/her workplace or receives a call. In these situations, the monitor switches to the ScreenSaver message, based on the content created in a playlist of the World VDS manager.

They can be easily configured by the corporate IT department to remain on screen until a computer clicks or to reappear at scheduled intervals.

From there, the Marketing and Communication teams can remotely manage all the contents they wish to broadcast in the employees´ ScreenSavers, in a similar way to what they do to manage the Corporate TV channels that are broadcast in the company screens.

By associating different playlists to different teams, the internal communication channels broadcast on the screens of the employees´ PCs can also be differentiated according to the strategy desired by the companies.

10 Reasons to opt for World VDS Corporate ScreenSaver

... and that justify its adoption in the business communication strategy:

  1. Creation of a powerful corporate communication channel without any hardware costs involved
  2. Less dependence on e-mails (a channel that besides being very intrusive is usually overloaded)
  3. Transforming idle computers into powerful communication tools
  4. Creation of more dynamic messages (containing animation, text, images and attractive videos), more likely to be well received by teams
  5. Sending personalized messages to the departments you wish to communicate with, in an effective, immediate and cost-effective manner
  6. Ensure that important messages are received by employees
  7. Informed, involved and safe teams, without affecting their productivity
  8. Easy and fast implementation, being simple to use and update
  9. Sending messages in a subtle and repetitive way, making them easier to remember
  10. Facility to expand the service to a Corporate TV channel on company screens

Case Studies of contents for Corporate ScreenSavers

... that enhance the involvement between companies and employees and the creation of a building a positive culture:


  1. News from the market or internal news
  2. Informative pieces containing the Mission, Vision and Values of the company
  3. Content related to the company´s culture and its differentiation from the competition
  4. Disclosure of key company indicators (KPIs)
  5. Institutional or archive videos (to be shown as part of a section on history)
  6. Countdown clocks about a new product or big news
  7. Emergency communication on system interruptions or crisis situations


  1. Presentation of employees´ birthdays
  2. Disclosure of the entry and exit of new employees, as well as changes in positions
  3. Promotion of events, ensuring that teams are informed and participate with ideas
  4. Messages that motivate and enthuse teams to obtain their maximum commitment and awareness
  5. Behavior change reminders, with messages that reinforce health, safety, ethics, and well-being
  6. Relevant data on social media activity

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