World-first solution that allows companies to create an internal communication environment on Microsoft Teams


Advantages of the application

  • Instant communication, through a tool that is already part of the day-to-day of companies.
  • Broadcast of Corporate TV channels.
  • Management of the most important contents to be disclosed to employees.
  • Segmentation and adequacy of the message to the target audience.
  • Scheduling for automated sending of news and reading notifications.
  • Analytics for measuring results.
  • Widgets with layout and content templates for faster and easier publishing.
  • Employees who are more satisfied and aligned with the company's values and objectives.

Why World VDS Communicator?

An essential tool

  • Corporate TV channels are currently a privileged instrument to support the Marketing and Communication of Organizations.

  • Microsoft Teams is a work platform with an increasing role in companies, being used in the day-to-day of most employees, which leads them to be receptive to join this new tool, without any kind of resistance.

  • Easy and fast implementation, being simple to use and update.

  • At the side of your employees at all times and anywhere.

  • Internal communication is a determining factor for the motivation of employees, so that they are aligned with the values and goals of the company.

  • A communication channel adapted to the new times and work formats, which reaches employees in a more agile, direct and objective manner.

Who is it intended for?

Companies who use Microsoft Teams in their day-to-day business, regardless of the segment in which they operate, and who wish to make internal communication clearer and more effective.

10 reasons to choose WorldVDS Communicator

  1. Powerful corporate communication channel without any hardware cost involved

  2. Lack of new installations by employees

  3. Innovative means of communication that stimulates the experience of employees, regardless of where they are

  4. Sending segmented messages to the departments you want to communicate with

  5. Immediate or timed notification

  6. Analytical data for results measurement

  7. Fast and easy implementation, simple to use and update

  8. Less dependence on e-mails (a channel that besides being very intrusive is usually overloaded)

  9. Easy expansion of the service to a Corporate TV channel on company screens

  10. Immediate extension of the reach of internal communication


Specific and targeted content

It allows you to reach your target audience in real time, wherever they are.

Activity Alert

Sending notifications to the employee when new content is published.

Measuring results

It is possible to analyze the impact, between sending a notification and the number of users accessing the App, shortly after being notified.


Function to schedule notifications to be triggered at a certain day/time.

Content management

Content planning and BackOffice management in a simple and very intuitive way, with high control over the App´s entire programming grid.


Layout and content templates for faster and easier publishing. As specific Widgets for HR.


Choose the best pricing plan for your business.
Monthly payment is based on the number of registered users. All plans have all features.


Up to 10 users


per user/month

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Up to 200 users


per user/month


Up to 500 users


per user/month


Up to 800 users


per user/month


More than 800 users


per user/month


  • Purchasing licenses is done through Microsoft´s App Source.
  • Authentication with a Microsoft account is required for installation.
  • After payment is made, you will receive an e-mail with installation and usage instructions.
  • You can cancel whenever you want, just stop paying the next monthly fee. If you intend to cancel before the end of the month, the money for that monthly fee will not be refunded.

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